Monday, 30 May 2011

CRM Infantry 1

I admit, I forgot to do a 'catch up' post Friday. Only a week after announcing that I would do one every friday and monday I have already failed.

Anyway, here is Mondays catch up post.

For a bit of a change it isn't a tank but some of the Militia infantry. Heavy weapon teams and 'Hooky the Scanner Guy'.

The heavy weapons teams are split into two groups, the dug in and mobile squads. The former are Lascannon and Mortar squads while the latter are Missile Launcher squads.

For the dug in squads I built some defensive walls, these are meant to be prefab panels which are fixed in place with small H beam uprights (which I had to scratchbuild from styrene strip). I also cast some ammo boxes for them to add to the bases.

Mortar Squad

The other two teams:

Lascannon Squads

Lascannon squad one:

Lascannon squad two:

For a bit of a change I did one team as though they were setting up. For this I had to make a power cable from scratch using various styrene rod and the end pieces cut off from the regular power cable.

Close up WIP shot of the setting up team:

And another close up which shows off the scratch built H uprights I did for the protective walls.

Missile Launcher Squads

Unlike the 'dug in' heavy weapon squads above I wanted the Missile Launcher squads to be more mobile, being lighter and more easily handled heavy weapons I wanted these to be the forces mobile strike units - moving into position, taking their shots before moving on. Almost like a sniper force.

Missile Launcher Squad 1 - in position firing/about to fire:

And the second team - moving into position:

You can see in the pictures the ammo boxes I cast for the teams. I wanted them to look like they actually had enough ammo to get off the amount of shots they may take in the battle. The ammo boxes are designed to hold three missiles - so the teams are shown 'mid battle' having discarded one empty case (except for the one team).

So that the cases weren't huge I did cut down the missiles a bit:

And a shot of the cast ammo boxes for the Mortar and Missile Launchers. They were cast without handles so I could add them as required. Also added a few other touches to them, such as caps for the empty mortar tube.


Finally here is 'Hooky the Scanner Guy'. He tends to hang around with the Heavy Weapon teams so I am including him with them.

I wanted the operator to look like he was a veteran, but one that was no longer front line material. So I used an Enforcer torso with a normal Militia head then added the hook to replace the hand he had lost in combat.

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  1. Awesome stuff! I am always a fan of making mini-vignettes on the 60mm bases for weapons teams, and I really like how yours have turned out - Keep up the great work!