Wednesday 30 October 2013

Mekboy Junka 12

Bit more work on the turret - the other side is now detailed and the rear panel insert (bit more than an insert really) for the SAG is not done...

The big drum on the back is where the 'ammo' - aka Snotlings - are 'stored', i.e. shoved in.

Decided to add a bit of welding to add a different texture.

Still to do, the SAG, tracks and Deff Rolla.

Monday 28 October 2013

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 3

Scabby is getting a little more scummy...

More 'fluids' off the tongue:

On there is now a run off of 'juices' running into the paddling pool:

And round the back we have the 'discharge':

Needs a bit more work, plus the horns added and the Nurglings.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Mekboy Junka 11

More progress on the turret...

The Zzap Cannon option is done:

Up top the mini turret is 90% done:

While the rest of the weapons are fixed (seems more Orky) I decided due to the height of the turret to model the Big Shoota in a ball mounting.

I wanted the mini turret to mirror loosely the main turret, so the gun mounting is slightly wider then required with the extra space on the same side of the weapon.

The weapon is magnetised so it can be swapped out for the Rokkit as shown below.

So overall it is looking like this:

Once the Deff Rolla has been added the Junka will be longer helping to balance out the height.

Next up will be the second main weapon choice. At the same time i'll finish off the turret (and the mini turret). After that it'll be track, Deff Rolla and remaining detailing.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 2

Scabby is taking shape.

The basic work on the base is done, lots of things yet to add but the GS is done and the sand has been added.

It'll get icky back here.
Under the tongue the saliva got added, more do add to this yet.

The horns have been drilled out and brass rod added, so the next job will be fitting them in place. Along with that more work will be done to the base and more saliva added to the tongue - especially coming off the end.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Mekboy Junka 10

Just a quick update tonight to show progress has been made on the turret. Reasons for slow start 1. real life, 2. visitors, 3. football on TV, 4. Not being able to make my mind up how to do it.

But a bit has been done. I am working first on getting the main turret pieces sorted and also the Zzap Cannon option.

The plan will be to have removable main weapon and a removable rear section. A mini turret on top will take the secondary turret weapon (Rokkit or Big Shoota).

First up the front end, where the main weapon will attach. Still a bit of work to do on the one side of it.

At the rear the Zzap Cannon gubbins are pretty much done:

As you can see the rear part slots in place into the turret body. The SAG part will do the same.

In the above pic you can also see I started detailing up the top, I'll get the mini turret built soon as until that is done I can't finish the top area off.

The above turned out to be crappy pictures but i'll throw them up anyway.

More Junka to follow (and a bit of Scabby).

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Mekboy Junka 9

As promised a quick update on the Junka.

The plan was to crack on with the Deff Rolla next, however I got a bit side tracked doing the turret instead.

This is very (very) WIP. There is still work to do just on the basic shape, then there will be a lot of detailing to add.

As you can see the whole thing is very tall, so typical mad Orky engineering. The height is purely down in needing clearance for the weapons to rotate. For the one option (Zzap Cannon) it isn't a problem, but the SAG is so big at the end I need that height.

Originally when the main weapon was pointing forward the rear of the turret would be parallel to the hull rear, but last minute I decided to have it skewed, the side of the turret is instead parallel to the hull top plate. The rear will get something, you'll have to wait till I build it to see what it (or they) is (or are).

The weapon options the turret needs to mount.

As you can see there is still a fair way to go, but things are coming together.

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 1

I'm currently working on two things:
  1. The Junka (expect an update tomorrow on that) and
  2. Scabeiathrax (or Scabby as I am not writing that every time) - i.e. the big Nurgle bugger from Forge World.

So today is the first post on Scabby.

Ain't he cute?

I picked this guy off ebay for a very good price even though he had one horn missing. Upon stripping the paint off I discovered that he also had a bit of tongue missing, the middle third (how did that happen?) was replaced with blu tac, seriously it was blu tac. So I passed it over to Maelstrom who was able to do the tricky bit of getting the two remaining thirds in the right position with a core of GS bridging the gap. I later bulked this out and re-attached the tip which had fallen off.

I've not bothered to detail up the underside of the tongue yet but there is something in the works...

I've now picked up some new horns off ebay (for 99p, nice) so he'll get a new rack soon.

The main area of work to do will be the base. The basic work has been done and Scabby has now been pinned and glued in place.

I have lots of plans for the base. Think paddling pool.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - A Short Break For Some Games...

So the weekend past was the regular, semi annual gathering of myself, Nife and Maelstrom. Unlike previous get togethers this one was based at my house with only a day based at WHW.

This allowed us a bigger variety of games, not to mention saving a fortune on hotel costs.

I'm not going to put up a load of pictures, just a small selection...

Sedition Wars...

Our first games of this so they were very slow as none of us really knew the rules (me being the worse as I haven't even looked at the rulebook yet). Has plenty of promise though so the next meet up things will go better (especially if I look at the rulebook).

Maelstrom provided the Strain models and Nife the, erm, other ones that I can't remember the name of. I did have more pics of the Strain but they turned out naff.


We played this at the last meet up and it proved just as much fun this time around.


The star of the weekend was giving Dreadball a go. Was a very quick game to pick up and was very enjoyable to play.

As such I'll be picking up a team shortly which I fully (probably) intend to paint.

Mealstrom managed to have three players killed in action in a single game.
We in no way found this amusing.

Zone Mortalis:

The one day we spent at WHW was spent playing Zone Mortalis.

Tau whatsits by Maelstrom

Red Corsair leader also by Maelstrom

In an unfortunate turn of events Maelstrom managed to lose all of the models shown above due to cave ins.

Again, me and Nife didn't find anything amusing in this, nothing at all. Definitely not.

While at WHW we saw the new Hobbit board. No interest in the game I admit but I do like this board...

Enough up will be more Junka, or some Daemons, or gaming boards. Or something else.