Monday 31 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 31

Deck is done...

And with the superstructure in place:

Unsurprisingly the Rivet Off total has gone up a bit...

Saturday 29 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 30

Another update...

First up I solved the issue with the AA guns, they now stay in position when level:

I then knocked up the fuel tank to sit behind the Mek Shed. This is the Mk. II version as I didn't like the first one I started.

On the right you can see the magnets the tank sits on and also the coiled fueling pipe the grots use to refuel the Koptas. Still need to work on the end (which would go in the Kopta) as it looks a bit naff.

With the fuel tank and KFF in position the end corner now looks like this:

In the rear shot above you can also see that I have gone round adding the edging strips along the decking. I also added a bit of plating to the deck to give more walkway space for the Grots to walk along.

Couple of pics to close on:

I think next i'll look at the decking before moving onto the walkways.

Something I forgot to add to the 'to do' list was I still need to add the track, but i'll leave that hassle till last.

Ork Kopta Karrier 29

After a day or so off (including getting a couple of games in) I cracked on with the KFF.

Base of the KFF, power cables and the Mek boy access hatch.

The KFF in place.
To keep the KFF removeable I couldn't have any cables running from the Mek Shed to KFF itself, hence the cables running into the base instead.

For fun here are all the superstructure components thus far done all together.

Alas I need to open up the rear of the AA guns to add some weight as unless the guns are pointing up as shown the weight causes them to droop...and no one wants a droopy barrel.

I might add some more of the techy prongs onto the KFF - but I have none left so i'll need to order some more before. Those there are not glued yet so I may change the arrangement once I buy some more.

Next update should see the 5k barrier broken...

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 28

The superstructure has continued to progress...

As well as adding more details and rivets to the main buildings the biggest area of progress is on the Mek Shed.

Still to add to the Mek Shed is a large fuel drum and a big KFF to the roof, plus some other details.

In addition to the Mek Shed items I need to add more to the other superstructure buildings, the walkway being the biggest job to do by far to it.

After the superstructure is finished the jobs left to do are:
1. Deck - plating and riveting.
2. Mould & cast Rokkits for Launcha.
3. Remaining details (such as hatches, weld lines etc)
4. Go round checking everything is ok, e.g. the cables on the sponson weapons are secure.

So, not that much left...

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 27

Update No. 27, not going to be too many more I think (I hope).

So I started on the superstructure. I decided to get that done before finishing the deck off.

To begin with I built the basic shape, this will form the internal structure which I would then build upon.

To allow the superstructure to be removed magnets were added in the deck cutout and to the base of the structure.

And then I got on with building the actual superstructure over the basic internal structure...

With the AA gun turrets - these are also magnetised.

Steps will lead up to the second floor
door (blu tac'd in position at moment)

Just over 400 more rivets added...

Sunday 23 December 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Nurgle Daemons v Krieg at WHW

So today myself and Schoolcormorant (from The Spring Offensive) found ourselves at Warhammer World to pit my Nurgle Daemons against his Krieg in a couple of small (750 point) games.

I thought I'd show some pictures...

The Krieg infantry deployed, bar the mortars over in the other corner.

The At Ease squad come on from reserves, though they shouldn't be
so at ease...
...with what is walking their way towards them.
They didn't last much longer. They should pay more attention.
The Stormtroopers get a feeling they are being watched...
The one that survived being vomited on was taken out by the ever jovial Nurglings.

Meanwhile the last remaining Toad tries to eat the Command Squad single handed.
Greedy git.
The Herald tries sneaking into position, only to be gunned down
by the shotguns of the Krieg Engineers. Shotguns? Oh the embarrassment.
The aforementioned Engineers.
Nurglings and the Drone close in on some poor buggers.
The command squad looking down imperiously from their lofty position.
They died.

At the end of the day the 'practice' game was a draw (basically we ran the first game for SC to learn the rules), while the second game the Daemons claimed victory for The Plaguefather.

Enjoyable day and I managed to leave without buying any resin from Forge World. So 100% success.