Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 28

The superstructure has continued to progress...

As well as adding more details and rivets to the main buildings the biggest area of progress is on the Mek Shed.

Still to add to the Mek Shed is a large fuel drum and a big KFF to the roof, plus some other details.

In addition to the Mek Shed items I need to add more to the other superstructure buildings, the walkway being the biggest job to do by far to it.

After the superstructure is finished the jobs left to do are:
1. Deck - plating and riveting.
2. Mould & cast Rokkits for Launcha.
3. Remaining details (such as hatches, weld lines etc)
4. Go round checking everything is ok, e.g. the cables on the sponson weapons are secure.

So, not that much left...

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