Thursday 31 December 2015

Bunker Rebuild 2

It's been a while again...

Finally got back to working on a model. The bunker is pretty much done now with just the moulds to do and then the casting.

On the body of the bunker I added some armour plates to the front and a basic comms unit.

I added locating lugs on top of the walls so that the top wouldn't easily be knocked off during game play.

On the roof top I added new rivets and replaced the original end pieces on the lifting bars with new styrene tubes pieces.

Underneath it also got a couple of lights.

The mould for the body is currently under way, the two part mould for the roof will be done after this one as I am waiting for a little bit of GS to cure on the roof.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 9

So, the first models I have touched in a while (apart from the bunker).

This isn't much of an update, but it is a milestone of a kind.

First thing I did was repair two infantryman who broke in the game I played not long ago. I pinned them at the waist (doubt it will make much difference if I dropped them on a hard floor again).

Not great pics I know as I used my phone for this update,

Next up I finally finished the member of the command squad who didn't have a left arm.

It's not great, but frankly at this point I don't care - I just wanted him done ASAP. After reading something on Mordian7th's blog I cut down some Guard binoculars to make a scope of some kind. I didn't want a full pair of binoculars as there is already someone in the squad with a pair.

The reason I need these done now is that they need to be packed up so I can ship them to Sheep to paint. I'm not sending the HW squads yet as I need to redo those, plus the Cyclops and Artillery crews are yet to be done as are the Rough Riders (if I do them at all).

Everything I am sending in this first batch...

Last minute I remembered Sheep asked me to send a couple of sample bases so he can more easily replicate them. So I knocked up a couple quickly.

Tomorrow I need to arrange collection and shipping. Joy.

I suppose I better update the State of Play:

As you can see all of the HW teams are now marked as unfinished.

I need to clean up the 3D prints I had done before I can do moulds. They are pretty rough but I should be able to sort them so they are usable.