Sunday 30 September 2018

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team 1

After waiting patiently the Nurgle team for Blood Bowl finally arrived.

Obviously I needed to make some changes so I didn't have completely identical sculpts.

Through the use of Plaguebearer, Blight Kings, Chaos Spawn and Beastmen bits I mixed things up a bit.

The Bloaters benefited from Blight King pieces, with one getting tentacles. In hindsight should have given the one on the right more to differentiate him from the standard sculpt.

Pestigors, one got the multiple arm mutation. Other than than used a mix of bits to change him a bit.

For the Rotters various things were added, tweaked, changed etc to make them look different.

I also added an additional rotter made from Ungor legs, Plaguebearer body & arms and a Rotter head. He's called Barry.

After that I actually started painting...

Started with the Bloaters, still WIP with plenty left to do.

Also worked on the tokens.

So...probably going to pick up a second box to give me more pestigor and rotters and to allow me to add options for the Bloaters with mutations.