Sunday 28 July 2013

Mekboy Junka 3

So it has been a while.

This is due to a number of factors which I won't bore you with. Model time has been very limited and will continue to be for a while, however I spent an hour or so on the Junka today.

An hour isn't much but it is a start and I thought i'd do an update just to show I haven't forgotten about it.

Basically i've riveted up the sides and rear. I've also added the top plating which will be the base for the next stage of the build. I removed the 'built up' area at the front (where the cupola etc usually goes) so that the top is all one level. I added the front exhausts top as well, may have to change these depending on the next stage...

Sunday 14 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 11

So last post until I get back from my work trip. Boards are pretty much done now sculpting wise. I have one little mod to do and some clean up (bit of sanding of some edges and the odd filler job on rock surfaces).

As you can see the join is much improved. Once the sloping area has its covering of sand and similar on the rear of the top level has its sand added the join should be no difference than with the regular boards.

The one mod I want to do you can see above. I want to reshape slightly the side of the rock which butts up against the other panel. The side which you can see poking above the rock on the adjacent panel is far too slab sided. So bit of reshaping is required.

The picture above and the one below show the alternative set up, with the panels 'side-by-side' instead of 'end-to-end'. Again the jon is fine, no worse than the regular panels joining and once sand is added it won't look any difference. However the corner of the one panel will need a bit more work (picture above, top left corner of right hand panel).

To help show up the texture and show better what areas need some work (sanding/filling) I gave the rocks a coat of grey primer.

Panel 1

Panel 1 close up of new rocks.

Panel 2

Panel 2 close up of new rocks.

Panels side-to-side

End-to-end close up of join


This pic shows the rock which needs a bit of work better.

So that's it for now. The plan will be to work on the Junka when I get back - I hope for better conditions to work on it. If not i'll get the panels out again and get the sand added.

Friday 12 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 10

I picked up some Milliput which meant I could carry on with the rocks.

This is taking a while due to having to wait for each round of milliput to cure before being able to do anything else. But slowly things are coming together.

This is the first panel which I had started in the earlier posts:

And this is the second panel, with the moved rocks:

The panels can be arranged so that they are either side by side or back to back. The main thing I have to work on now is tidying up the edges so that the panels meet better.

As an example this is the join when the two panels are end to end:

Now obviously the join will never be seemless, but then the join between the GW panels isn't seemless either. But I do want to get the join move even. This alas means more milliput and more sanding.

The slightly pale lookin places is due to me adding a PVA/tissue layers to give a tougher surface to the foam and help tie everything together. The resulting texture isn't a problem as once the sand is added all of it will be covered. While I was doing that I also added some small rocks.

Monday 8 July 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - Two Years (and one month).

So last night I realised today was the date for my monthly blog post, when I did a quick check to see what month we were hitting this once I discovered two things.

  1. I missed doing last months post – the only time I have missed it and
  2. Last month was the two year anniversary of RD.
So somewhat annoyingly the only time I miss one it turns out it should have been the anniversary post. I knew two years was about due so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it was last month.

I also spotted that the page views for Recalcitrant Daze has now passed the 200000 mark. Which is nice.

So what have I managed to do since I first posted on RD?

I don’t know how many Looted Wagons,
Da Kopta Karrier,
Deffstrike Rokkit Launcha,
Looted Shadowsword,
Weirdboy Tower (WIP),
Ork Fighta,
Kans & Dredds,
Grot Tanks,
3D Modelling & Printing,
Gun Emplacement,
Defensive Line,
A growing Nurgle Daemon army.
A Nurgle Battlefleet Gothic fleet,
Nurgle War Altar (WIP...still),
Nurgle Helbrute,
Minefields & other terrain,
Gaming Boards,
Deathwing (WIP)
Zone Mortalis
...and some other stuff.

I have said it many times before but it is worth saying again. Thanks to all those who follow the blog and take the time to contribute with comments. It is much appreciated and lets me know the time taken posting is worth it, I always try to reply to all comments and questions – though I am sure the odd one slips through. Thanks must also go to all those who have added RD to their blog rolls and helped spread the word. If I wore a hat I would tip it to you.

In other news I got a new tattoo:

Awkward place to both take care of and to photograph.
In other, other, news I have to go to France for a week with work. Not my idea but I am stuck with it. Thus while I will be doing updates through this week RD will then go silent for probably six days. Hopefully I get plenty in before then on the boards and the Junka.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 9

So hayfever seems to be sticking around for thelong haul it seems. So I carried on with the boards.

Due to running out of milliput I got out the river panels and did some more work on those.

Using the dremel I took the side pieces at each end of the river as far back as possible. Ideally I would like to take them out completely but they have to stay for strength, even as they are the boards will have to be handled carefully.

I then added the rocks and sand to the river bed.

The rocks and sand will be cleaned up and reshaped once everything has fully dried.

I will also neated up the edges making sure the river parts line up nicely no matter which way round the join.

I also got a quick couple of pictures of the other panels showing that the two still stack together nicely for storage,.

The second pic is showing the rough work I did to fill in the hole when I moved the rocks. Basically I was just using up a load of 1mm offcuts.

All for today...

Saturday 6 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 8

Work continued today on the hill boards - right up till I ran out of milliput and filler.

But here are pics of the point I got up to:

As you can see there are still a lot of rocks left to do. On the left board there is only the one on the edge - though the others will all need cleaning up and touching up once they have fully cured.

I didn't spot the foam offcuts scattered on the board before I took the picture.

On the right one I only managed to add some milliput to the lower rocks which I repositioned and a single small one on the upper rocks.

Quite pleased with how the rocks are coming along. Need cleaning up etc as mentioned but they don't look too bad. Once all the sand has been added and they have been painted they shouldn't stick out (I hope).

Running out of milliput has put these on hold. I should be able to get to the model shop early next week. In the meantime I will have a look at the river boards and as my eyes are now clearing up get back on the Junka (though I am unusually low on poly cement so something else to pick up from the model shop).

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 7

Well. I took a few days off work and my plan was to crack on with some models.

Alas the days off coincided with my hayfever kicking in - unusually it has only really affected my eyes leaving them saw, bloodshot and aching. Not the best to play around with small models or being accurate etc.

So with the desire to get some work done still I got on with an old project that I haven't touched since last year, namely my gaming boards.

Rather than working on the river panels (might do a bit more if I can over the weekend) I decided to look at the two hill panels I had plans to expand...

So after quite some time (stupid amount of time) recycling some old foam I eventually had the two pieces glued in place:

I used expanding foam to fill the void areas under the blue foam.

With the hot wire cutter and a long bladed knife I started the basic shaping. I also added some thin bits of foam to fill in gaps. This is all very rough and I continued to alter it after the pic was taken.

I cut out one of the rocky outcrops and moved it. I used offcuts of styrene to fill the hole then covered it in .5mm sheet before filling the gaps with milliput. I also used milliput to fill in a couple of other areas nearby.

I decided I couldn't be arsed to turn the two skull pits into pools as I did on the other board panels,so instead I filled them with resin.


Still lots to do. I've started adding filler to smooth out the lower areas. Tomorrow once everything is fully dry I can do a bit of sanding, some more filling and start on doing the rocks.