Saturday, 6 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 8

Work continued today on the hill boards - right up till I ran out of milliput and filler.

But here are pics of the point I got up to:

As you can see there are still a lot of rocks left to do. On the left board there is only the one on the edge - though the others will all need cleaning up and touching up once they have fully cured.

I didn't spot the foam offcuts scattered on the board before I took the picture.

On the right one I only managed to add some milliput to the lower rocks which I repositioned and a single small one on the upper rocks.

Quite pleased with how the rocks are coming along. Need cleaning up etc as mentioned but they don't look too bad. Once all the sand has been added and they have been painted they shouldn't stick out (I hope).

Running out of milliput has put these on hold. I should be able to get to the model shop early next week. In the meantime I will have a look at the river boards and as my eyes are now clearing up get back on the Junka (though I am unusually low on poly cement so something else to pick up from the model shop).


  1. Those rocks are very impressive mate. Carbon copies.

    1. Cheers, though they aren't quite that good...but once cleaned up and painted they should fit in nicely.

  2. I may have missed a post, but why are you altering the boards so much? I think you modifications are just outstanding. You've nailed the look perfectly!

    1. Cheers very much.

      Basically becuase I want more variety. I have already done one set of boards (plus two additional panels), you can see those here

      After doing that set I wanted more options such as a river (wanted a river for ages) and alternative hills, such as some running down the edge of the board.