Wednesday 18 July 2018

FW & SG Open Day - Few More Pictures

Thought I would show a few more pictures from Sunday, ones taken of things on show, in the exhibition and from Golden Demon.

Things on show...

Exhibition Halls:

Golden Demon:

Some Squigs. Lots of Squigs.

The new display from the Exhibition hall. Getting pictures that are decent turned out to be a bitch.

Sunday 15 July 2018

Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day 2018

So today we got to see some things...

NOCF Charity Raffle

Just a quick post to highlight the great charity auction run by the Nova Open.

There is multiple raffles taking place with a great range of prizes. You don't need to be attending the Nova Open to take part.

Check out the link below and pick up a ticket or two.

Nova Open Foundation

Saturday 14 July 2018

Weathering and Related Reference Pictures

So while on holiday I tend to take a lot of pictures. Amongst these are various reference pictures of weathering - along with anything else which might prove useful.

Last couple of years I have put some of these on Twitter and they proved quite popular.

To make things easier I thought I would do a blog covering it as well.

So here we go, I will group them together but some things are not easy to fit into a single category...I will continue to add to these (I need to find last years pictures for a start).


Sunday 1 July 2018

Age of Sigmar Open Day 2018

Some pics taken yesterday at Warhammer World.

Floaty Ghosts and Shiney Knights.