Friday 24 January 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 5

Update on Scabby, still lots to do but started on the base, added more washes and detailing, started on his big weapon and got some blood on there. Not decided on the discharge colour yet...

Sunday 19 January 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 4 & Plague Drones 1

Update time (rejoice if you are so inclined).

Scabeiathrax 4

Scabby is getting painted. This is still early with lots more to do.

Still need a bit more work on the skin needed, plus teeth, eyes, horns, pus, 'discharge', blood and a few other things to do. Plus of course the base and associated Nurglings.

Plague Drones 1.

Well these are fun.

And by 'fun' I of course mean a pain in the bloody arse. In hindsight it would of been far better to leave the wings and legs off for painting as I can't get into paint areas of the body or wings. I'm rushing them because I am fed up with them already. Still a lot to do (unfortunately).

I know the carapace looks black but it is actually a dark blue. I will add a little highlight but the plan is to gloss varnish the carapace to make it all shiny. I carved into the one carapace and put in a Nurgle icon.

Before I undercoated I did more work on the bodies by using a LGS and sugar mix to add texture - mainly to fill the gap between the two body halves. This seems to be a problem with this kit, the join between the two halves is very noticeable.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - This and That.

Welcome to post 400.

A combination of things has resulted in a lack of updates recently. One is work, one is a tattoo convention and the other is the water effects I put in the board ponds.

As the water effect was taking so damn long to go off I at first didn't want to do anything near them that could spoil it (e.g. getting dust into the stuff as it cured), the boards have also taken up most of the room so I haven't been able to cast or even do moulds.

As such I've not been able to do enough on one particular project to do an update on them. But as it's been a while I thought i'd do a generally 'this is what I have done' post.

Realm of Battle Boards:

The water effect I put in finally cured. I then moved onto adding the next layer. For this I needed some new water effect, turned out GW has changed the stuff they sell. This is a problem. For a start it is more expensive (what a surprise) but the main problem is that it appears to be shit.

The first stuff added finally cured.

Basically the water effect went white - not a problem I thought as it is probably just what it does.

The problem is as it has cured in some areas it has started to peel away round the edges. As you can see in the picture below it is hardly a small thing that can be brushed aside.

The new stuff...
So I am now going to have to wait for the two pools I have added the new stuff to to fully cure so I can then peel it out without damaging what is underneath it.

So has anyone got a good recommendation for water effect? Keep in mind I have a river to fill so don't want to spend an absolute fortune on it...but on the other hand with the amount of work I have put in to building the river I won't be looking to scrimp now.

Talking of river boards I did get a bit more painting on them done. Namely neaten things up, add was to rocks in river and pick out the two skulls.

Papa Nurgle:

Sitting on my desk are a few Daemon units I have made a start on getting finished:

I know I should of begun by finishing the Plaguebearers and Nurglings I started painting a while back but to be honest I couldn't be arsed.

Big Drone, Little Drones, Scabby...
I must sort out my paints soon as well...

Talking of Daemons I have some new recruits for them which arrived yesterday...namely a Plague Hulk and a Jabberthingymejig which I plan on converting into a Nurgley Great Spined Beast.

The Hulk wasn't the only thing to arrive from Forge World, the Death Guard are almost complete (in the sense of buying all the bits, they are somewhere off being actually 'finished').

Ah, the smell of Resin in the morning.
That is that for now.

If you can give me some pointers to good water effects please post it up as it would be highly appreciated.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 13

After a quick trip to the local hobby store to pick up some Raw Umber paint I was able to crack on with the Realm of Battle gaming boards.

To recap (as it has been a while since I last did work on these) I modified some Realm of Battle gaming boards to give me more variety in set ups.

Two boards had the hills extended...

And two others had rivers carved into them...

So the paint job has come on a lot today. Unfortunately as the sun had long gone by the time I had finished just the first two I won't be able to touch up the paint jobs or paint any corrections so that these match the existing boards I have. I will also add some washes at this stage as well before adding a bit of foliage. The river boards will then get some water effect.

Here is the current state of the boards:

I still have two hill panels untouched. The plan for one will be a waterfall of some kind, the other is currently in limbo. I did think of doing a panel similar to FW's Imperial Strongpoint but I went off that idea so if you have any ideas post them up and I might (might) do it.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - This Still Isn't a Review Post.

So yeah, not a review post. More of a 'what-may-be-coming-in-the-near-future-type-of-post' post.

Realm of Battle Gaming Boards.

After the gaming over the last couple of days I decided not to pack away the gaming boards just yet. Even though I started these several years ago I have never had chance to finish them off. So to begin with I have poured more water effect into the pools onto the first two boards.

After these pools, and the ones on the remaining board, are filled i'll move onto the other RoB boards I have started...

Extended Hills

River Boards

Nurgle Daemons...

Awaiting my attention are my Nurgle Deamons.

Still to finish off are a unit of Plaguebearers, some Nurgling Bases, three Plague Drones, a Blight Drone and of course Scabby...


The futuristic ball game is a blast to play so it seems natural to pick up a team to build.

I'm not a fan of many of the teams but the Robots caught my eye so I have those sitting on my workbench.


As mentioned before I got hold of Stronghold Assault. Being a fan of all things siege-y I can't help thinking that in the coming months I will turn my hand to building something that will play a part in a defensive line.

Whether Ork or Imperial I am yet to decide...

Other things...

On top of those I have my Deathwing Zone Mortalis force to paint up...

Oh and of course the Death Guard Horus Heresy force which while I have some models for but I am still in the process of planning as you can see left and right:

I think that is everything I can think of at the moment.

Just to finish off I should mention last night I had an article go up on Bell of Lost Souls which can be found here.