Thursday 29 September 2011

Ork Mekboy Junka 1

Alas I have been ill most of the week and i've been unable to do anything other than take some pictures of Da Choppa (see last post).

Tonight will be another modelling wash out and tomorrow I will be out all evening, so to prevent the blog being too quiet I thought I would do another 'catch up/blast from the past' post. Plus it has been a while since I did one.

Now this conversion uses a Manticore as the base vehicle, I lengthened it a bit to give me the room I needed to go to town on it.

It was built for someone else, as such I did it in a different style to the Ork vehicles for my own force. Doing it in the 'GW' style - namely doing very limited distressing to the plate edges, means it will sit side by side with GW kits such as the trukk and battlewagon without a problem.

In the pictures the vehicle lacks crew as these were to be added by the owner himself.

A couple of Manticore missiles provide the turbo boost.


Hatch ready for the Krew.

KFF from the rear.

The Deffrolla had to be widened to fit.

And the side arms modified to suit.

Breakdown of components - The Missiles were also
removeable for ease of painting.
Overall I was quite happy how it turned out. It was also a pretty quick build, not having to distress all the panels makes the whole thing go a lot quicker. The customer seemed pretty pleased with what he got so all round a good experience.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Da Choppa 12

Some actual sunlight has meant I could get some new pictures of the tank. Hopefully these look a bit better than the last set.

And the 'Armoured Krumpany' thus far...

And to finish off a Datasheet I knocked up for Da Choppa...

Monday 26 September 2011

Games Day UK 2011 - Part 3

Part 3 – Overview and Thoughts on the Day.

I’ve  been going to Games Day since 2006, so nowhere near as many as some but enough I think to have a balanced view on the this years event.

So after wondering around all day these are some of my thoughts – keep in mind I did not set out to do a ‘review’ of the day so I didn’t take notes as I went round or try everything available. These are my thoughts of regarding my experience at Games Day. Regrettably the overriding thought is disappointment.

Games Day is what it is, it does not try to be anything other than a push on Games Workshop product. In amongst this corporate shop front you can normally find some real gems, which in the past have always been enough to motivate me to go,

The only reason I pay £30 for a ticket is because I can get at least half that back by selling the GD mini on eBay, though the fact you no longer have a choice with this I find annoying. It seemed much fairer to have the option of a cheaper ticket without the mini. Not everyone will be in a position to use the mini or be able to sell it on.

Golden Demon – there didn’t seem to be a Golden Demon entrance this year, which meant doing an entry to get in early was pointless. As previously the Golden Demon cabinets were set up in a big block with the usual problem of simply getting to the cabinets to see anything on display. People pushing in with big backpacks does not make a great viewing experience. It would be so much better if they had something set up as suggested to me on the day by Schoolcormorant (from The Spring Offensive), namely a second row of barriers creating a corridor round the cabinets and letting people in at one end who then work their way round, no pushing in, good access to the cabinets etc. All I did was look at a few cabinets and then give up – better to wait for the pictures of the winners to show up on line than battle the horde of onlookers.

Design Studio – barely worth a look. Nothing new to see.

Sales Area – On the one hand I look back at last years FW Mosh Pit approach to a sales stand and shudder, but the size of the queue just to get into the sales area this time was unbelievable. I heard from some that it wasn't as bad as it looked but then they only went into the queue later on in the day. It seemed that for many it was awful. I only went into the sales area right at the end of the day so on the one hand I didn't have to queue, on the other hand the FW books I wanted to get hold of had sold out (but then I still got to order them with post free delivery, so i was happy with that)..

Dreadfleet – Why they thought they needed to push something like this so much and use up so much room I don’t know. It will sell out; the eBay market will ensure that people snap anything up that is limited edition, so why have such a big presence at Games Day?

Gaming area – I know some of the reasons but the fact the number of clubs now doing boards for GD is a fraction of what it once was id a real loss. These tables and the creations some people came up with was one of the big attractions to me in going to GD. It seems such a waste to have so few. Personally I would of dropped a few of the tables used up for Dreadfleet and bring and battle boards and given them to clubs to put together something better and more inspiring. Some of the tables there, including the big games were nice if not impressive, but there needed to be more. The themed Warhammer World tables are always worth seeing, even when you have seen then numerous times before. However why the one table needed that bloody air horn I do not know, that constantly going off was a real bitch and frankly the guy was running a fine line to getting it shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine. I cannot say without using expletives just how bloody annoying and unnecessary that idiot with his horn was.

Armies on Parade – Some of these looked excellent. Though it wasn’t always easy to tell being so far away. A better set up allowing you to get closer to the boards would have been really good. The lighting in the Arena isn’t exactly great so when you are a couple of metres away behind a barrier you can’t see all the result of the work many had put in well enough
Forgeworld – The only real shining light on the day. Always with something new, happy to discuss what is in the works. Quite enjoyed the masterclass put on by Mark Bedford and Phil Stutcinsskas (even with the interruptions from the idiot with the air horn). The boards set up for IA8 and 11 are excellent. Displays like this sell the hobby and the GW brand far better than some of the crap set up elsewhere.

There were other things on show, such as THQ doing their computer games, various competitions and Black Library signings with authors but to be honest that doesn’t float my boat.

So in summary a day only saved from being pointless by Forge World and meeting up with friends. The rest I could take or leave, more leave than take to be honest. Will probably give next year a miss, maybe I’m too old for GD now. Much like White Dwarf it has become something that doesn’t seem to be aimed at anyone over 14 or who hasn't been in the hobby for more than a year.

I want Games Day to excite me, enthuse me, inspire me and surprise me. Show me something that starts ideas forming and plans to be made for what I can do next. Games Day does not do this. From now on I will stick to going to the Forge World Open Day only.

Games Day UK 2011 - Part 2

More Pictures from Me...

Armies on Parade.

These are just some of the nice boards on show, these are a selection of the pictures which turned out best. Shame we couldn't get closer to them for a really good look.

Gaming / Display Tables:

I think I will do a part 3 which will just be a summary of my impressions on the day. Should be up later...