Sunday, 11 September 2011

Da Choppa 7

More painting. Yay.

No pics of the hull as all I did was start to paint the light and add some washes to the fans on the rear, I did though redo the glyphs on the gun mounts. Just didn't like the first go.

Still not completely happy...
Related to that a quick shot of the end of the two Zzap Cannon showing the hazard stripes better.

Sticking with weapons I started painting the turret weapon (a Shunta), still a bit to do on it but coming together ok I think.

I have started painting the Krew. I hate painting people (they may be Green but they still count as people). The two Orks are in progress of base coats but the two Grots are more progressed so are worthy of showing pics.

Keep in mind they are still PIP. And keep in mind I hate painting people (have I mentioned that yet?).

And finally while the Orks are not worthy of a pic I did work on the one Orks Power Klaw are fair bit today. So here is a pic of the arm, I only worked on the klaw though, the arm and strap are only base coated at the moment.

Quite happy how the hazard stripes turned out on it. Definately the last hazard stripes I will be doing on the tank. Fed up of doing them now. They take ages.

Update tomorrow one hopes, Monday at the latest.

1 comment:

  1. Much prefer these gun-mount glyphs. :)

    Love the choice of skin tone for the Grots - what's the recipe you're using?

    Power Klaw looks the bollocks too. Really good work on that.