Friday, 9 September 2011

Da Choppa 6

Bit of a bits and pieces update this time.

Basically picking out some details which need to be done before the washes etc are added.

Decided to continue the hazard stripes that i did on the round plate on top onto the exhausts.

I then also did it on the ends of the Zzap Cannon:

Took bloody ages to do all that.

At the rear the fans got a coat of Boltgun and on the fuel storage some more hazard stripes and some checks were added.

Still need to do the glyph.
At the front some checks were added round the light, and I also added a bit of colour to the comms dish...

Also at the front the two glyphs were done, you can also see int he pic the tracks got done in Boltgun.

And the last thing for tonight, the gun mounts got a coat of Boltgun and also a couple of glyphs added to them (should of used either white, black or a darker colour for them). You can also see the glyph got done.

About it for tonight. Updates over the weekend I imagine.

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