Saturday, 24 September 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Games Day 2011, Bell of Lost Souls and the Next Project(s)

Good afternoon.

First let me apologise for not getting more pictures of Da Choppa up. It has been overcast the last few days and the pictures I did take during 'daylight' looked worse than the pictures I already had. I'll try and get some when the sun makes an appearance. So probably next June.

If you didn't know tomorrow is...


Tomorrow I will be posting up the pictures I take on the day. Please keep in mind though that by the time I get home and sort through them (average about 150 odd) it will be late in the day. But I shall endeavour to get as many up on the blog as possible.

I have 'packed' Da Choppa ready to take for Golden Demon...

The reason for the plastic crate thing is that once I hand the tank over I can fold the container up and put it in my backpack. It is only so that the tank has something to sit in which gives it some protection in the car and also makes it easier for me to carry it to and from the car park.

Bell Of Lost Souls:

Last Friday my first article went up on Bell Of Lost Souls. If you haven't seen it you can find it here One Meks Guide to Lootin'. The feedback from the readers seemed pretty positive so I am now going to do a follow up article which will show in depth me looting a Chimera, it should show how I go from the initial idea to the finished article.

Unfortunately I won't be able to post up progress of this on RC untill after the article goes up.

So I shall at the same time be painting something else Orky which will allow me to put up regular posts on RC (and no doubt some more 'blast from the past' posts)...

The Next Project(s):

Here is a sneak peak of what will be on the painting block while I work on the BoLS vehicle.

I will also be working on the Marine BFG ships I will be picking up from FW tomorrow. They should be pretty quick to knock out

And to Close.

One last thing worth mentioning, there will be something like 10,000 people at Games Day tomorrow, but if you are there and you see someone walking around, with a bemused and over excited Geordie in tow, sporting new tattoos on his arms like this...

Tats are Awesome.
Especially new ones.
...say hello as it will be me.

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