Monday 28 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 39 - All Packed & Rivet Off Result

So I am happy to report the buyer likes the Karrier...

...this means I got to spend the evening packing the beast. It needed a big box.

The Hull & Deck wrapped together and sitting on 2" of foam.

The Superstructure (in the box), Deff Arsenal Turret & bag of parts.

And the box, with Militiaman Dave for scale. Over 3kg parcel.

So moving on...

And so with a final total of 6174 the winner of Da Rivet Off is Rob Alderman with his guess of 5999 being the closest. Rob if you could drop me an email i'll sort out casting a gun emplacement for you.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 38

I'll just leave these here...


Length: 430mm (17")
Length including Boomgun barrels: 450mm (17.75")
Width: 312mm (12.25")
Height to top of Superstructure: 225mm (9")
Height to top of AA gun with barrel lowered: 265mm (10.5")
Total Weight: 1.72kg
Total Number of Parts: 49
Number of Moving Parts (turrets, weapons etc): 13
Total Number of Rivets: ???*

* You'll have to wait till the next update for that.

Ork Kopta Karrier 37

Another mini update on the Karrier.

At the front of the lower hull the tracks got some guards and I added some lights...

I added a bit of stowage in the form of spare wheels:

I also went round added some more GS welds which I had missed before.

Also added some glyphs, like these on the Nobz level:

I know it is a small update. But the next one I hope to be able to get everything out and set the whole thing up and with pictures of that the above might get a bit lost.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 36

Mini update as the tracks are finally on.

The tracks are from Blood and Skull Industries (check them out on ebay for lots of track options). Taken me a while to fit them all due to the usual needs of resin (lot of scrubbing) and I need to go over them with some GS.

I pinned the track in position either side of the widened section as there is little support there. I also added pins where the resin road wheels were added (they are also from Blood and Skull Industries).

I'm not sure yet but I may look to add some track guards over the front of the track (the first pic in the three pic montage above is the front). Something along the lines of the FW Superheavy conversion kits for the Baneblade.

Here you can see the resin road wheels

Other thing that has changed is the steps, namely I have removed the rail going up the stairs.

Next up will be tidying/cleaning up. Add some dags & glyphs, possibly do those track guard things. And that will hopefully be that...

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - New Toys...Sedition Wars, Dark Angels & Daemons

Well as work on the Karrier tracks continues I thought I'd do a post on a few things which have arrived lately.

1.Sedition Wars.

I went in for the Biohazard Kickstarter with some extra bits. Not actually done anything with it yet other than opening the box and thinking 'yup' before closing it again.

2. Papa Nurgle.

Reinforcements for the Nurgle Deamons arrived in the form of a Nurgling box and a Plaguebearer box. Some 'bearers will become Icon Bearers in case I want to use them in games. Some Nurglings will go towards the GUO base.

3. Dark Angels (or rather Deathwing)

I picked up a Dark Angels Codex and a Deathwing Command Boxset. That box combined with some Dark Vengeance Termies and a couple of Contemptor Dreads I picked up a while ago will form my 1000 point Zone Mortalis army. That should scratch my Dark Angel itch.

That's about it to be honest. Not much of an update I admit but I thought i'd get something up as it'll be another couple of days before I do an update on the Karrier. Resin tracks can be a bitch to fit.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 35

After finishing the walkways I needed to add a few more railings, as well as do more weld lines that I never got round to the first time (I ran out of the GS I had mixed and couldn't be arsed to do mix some more).

I was also asked to add a bit of railing to the top level (the grot level) which I wasn't originally thinking of doing.

As you can see the steps got a railing (part of me thinks I prefered it without,for the amusement factor of Orks falling off the platform and down through the open lift shaft below) as did the small grot platform.

For the railings at the end of the grot level walkway I went for something a bit different and bent some tube to form the top piece.

On the mesh area of walkway I was originally going to add more weld points but I thought adding riveted strips instead would be more visually interesting. I also added a small wall to the end of the sloped walkway. Again just mixing things up to give that haphazard Orky build mentallity.

Below you can see the pics showing all of the weld lines I have now added as well as some other details under the walkways you can't see from the usual angle of pictures shown.

Next up i'll be adding the tracks.

Now, i'm not going to do a Rivet Off update tonight. We are so close to the finish I thought i'd be some (mild) suspense and wait till the end before announcing the final count.

As well as doing the tracks i'll be going over everything for those jobs I may have missed. As such I don't really know how many rivets I may end up adding...

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 34

It has taken a while but the walkways are done. Bit of a ballache but in the end I am quite happy with them.



All those ladders were a bitch to do, the guard rail were a bit tricky as well. I tried to get as much variety in there as possible, hence the mesh, different brackets etc.

As to the rivet count...