Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 34

It has taken a while but the walkways are done. Bit of a ballache but in the end I am quite happy with them.



All those ladders were a bitch to do, the guard rail were a bit tricky as well. I tried to get as much variety in there as possible, hence the mesh, different brackets etc.

As to the rivet count...


  1. Dang I was close on the rivet count. But here' my idea for your detailing on the command tower. I think the walk ways would look better with some railings. They are going to be a pain to build but it will make it look more like park of the super structure. As it stands now the the walkways look tacked on.

  2. The aim was for the walkways to look tacked on tbh. I wanted them to look more like an addition than an integrated part of the structure. I am adding some more railings (see latest update) but the aim is still to have the walkways look very rough with only a basic level of planning when the Meks & Grots built it.