Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 38

I'll just leave these here...


Length: 430mm (17")
Length including Boomgun barrels: 450mm (17.75")
Width: 312mm (12.25")
Height to top of Superstructure: 225mm (9")
Height to top of AA gun with barrel lowered: 265mm (10.5")
Total Weight: 1.72kg
Total Number of Parts: 49
Number of Moving Parts (turrets, weapons etc): 13
Total Number of Rivets: ???*

* You'll have to wait till the next update for that.


  1. this is incredible! i've been reading every post and it's been great watching it develop.
    more zone mortalis stuff next perhaps?

  2. Bravo! Man, that is absolutely zoggin' amazing work - it is truly inspirational.

    Can't wait to hear the final rivet count. You're a madman!

  3. You sir, you win. I'm not sure what, but you win.

  4. I so don't envy you painting this beast man! Amazing work but god damn it's going to take a lot of work from you before it's done!

    1. No more work from me, this is a commission so it'll be someone else's job to paint it...

  5. Words don't do it justice. It's not only how good it looks that's amazing, but the fact you stuck at it so long and got it done. Not all of us might have had that vision.

    Will you be painting it? I can imagine there'd be a queue if you wanted someone else to do it, not to mention if you decided to put it up for sale for a new home.

    1. Well I took a break to recharge my batteries at one point which I think was the secret to getting it finished in a decent time frame.

      It was a commission build so it'll soon be in the post on the way to the buyer for him to paint.

  6. Looks brilliant mate, hope whoever the client gets to paint it does the model justice.

    I'm sure the final rivet count will be suitably insane.

  7. Simply amazing to behold. Great work, man! Now get painting!!!!! :D

  8. Incredible, sir. Just incredible!

  9. Cheers for all of the comments, they are much appreciated. Don't think I have had so many on a post so quick before...or possibly at all in fact.

    Glad it is finished now, time to get back to dedicating myself to Papa Nurgle for a bit.


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