Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 35

After finishing the walkways I needed to add a few more railings, as well as do more weld lines that I never got round to the first time (I ran out of the GS I had mixed and couldn't be arsed to do mix some more).

I was also asked to add a bit of railing to the top level (the grot level) which I wasn't originally thinking of doing.

As you can see the steps got a railing (part of me thinks I prefered it without,for the amusement factor of Orks falling off the platform and down through the open lift shaft below) as did the small grot platform.

For the railings at the end of the grot level walkway I went for something a bit different and bent some tube to form the top piece.

On the mesh area of walkway I was originally going to add more weld points but I thought adding riveted strips instead would be more visually interesting. I also added a small wall to the end of the sloped walkway. Again just mixing things up to give that haphazard Orky build mentallity.

Below you can see the pics showing all of the weld lines I have now added as well as some other details under the walkways you can't see from the usual angle of pictures shown.

Next up i'll be adding the tracks.

Now, i'm not going to do a Rivet Off update tonight. We are so close to the finish I thought i'd be some (mild) suspense and wait till the end before announcing the final count.

As well as doing the tracks i'll be going over everything for those jobs I may have missed. As such I don't really know how many rivets I may end up adding...


  1. Looking good Rictus! I'm excited to see this on the final build. Where is that grot with the adjustable wrench from?


    1. Cheers very much. I'm rather looking forward to seeing it finished as well!

      The Grot is actually holding a set of calipers (obviously an engineering Grot)and he is off the Battlewagon upgrade sprue (the one with the Deffrolla).

    2. Cool, thanks for that. I might need to track that bit down for my AdMech.

  2. Dude, just looking at all the previous posts for this carrier and Dear God! I can't even imagine taking on an undertaking this big. It looks incredible though I don't envy you the effort it's going to take to paint such a beast. How long have you actually been working on it?


    1. Thankfully I won't be painting it. In all honesty I don't know how long, not really been keeping track. Was around summer time the project started from what I remember.


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