Monday 30 May 2011

CRM Infantry 1

I admit, I forgot to do a 'catch up' post Friday. Only a week after announcing that I would do one every friday and monday I have already failed.

Anyway, here is Mondays catch up post.

For a bit of a change it isn't a tank but some of the Militia infantry. Heavy weapon teams and 'Hooky the Scanner Guy'.

The heavy weapons teams are split into two groups, the dug in and mobile squads. The former are Lascannon and Mortar squads while the latter are Missile Launcher squads.

For the dug in squads I built some defensive walls, these are meant to be prefab panels which are fixed in place with small H beam uprights (which I had to scratchbuild from styrene strip). I also cast some ammo boxes for them to add to the bases.

Mortar Squad

The other two teams:

Lascannon Squads

Lascannon squad one:

Lascannon squad two:

For a bit of a change I did one team as though they were setting up. For this I had to make a power cable from scratch using various styrene rod and the end pieces cut off from the regular power cable.

Close up WIP shot of the setting up team:

And another close up which shows off the scratch built H uprights I did for the protective walls.

Missile Launcher Squads

Unlike the 'dug in' heavy weapon squads above I wanted the Missile Launcher squads to be more mobile, being lighter and more easily handled heavy weapons I wanted these to be the forces mobile strike units - moving into position, taking their shots before moving on. Almost like a sniper force.

Missile Launcher Squad 1 - in position firing/about to fire:

And the second team - moving into position:

You can see in the pictures the ammo boxes I cast for the teams. I wanted them to look like they actually had enough ammo to get off the amount of shots they may take in the battle. The ammo boxes are designed to hold three missiles - so the teams are shown 'mid battle' having discarded one empty case (except for the one team).

So that the cases weren't huge I did cut down the missiles a bit:

And a shot of the cast ammo boxes for the Mortar and Missile Launchers. They were cast without handles so I could add them as required. Also added a few other touches to them, such as caps for the empty mortar tube.


Finally here is 'Hooky the Scanner Guy'. He tends to hang around with the Heavy Weapon teams so I am including him with them.

I wanted the operator to look like he was a veteran, but one that was no longer front line material. So I used an Enforcer torso with a normal Militia head then added the hook to replace the hand he had lost in combat.

Sunday 29 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 6

Decided to add some more platforms to the War Altar in the same style as the one at the front:

I used some 1.5mm brass rod to pin them to the side of the tank. Will need to sort some people to stand on it, along with the Nurglings of course.

I did a bit more work on top as well including starting to texture the styrene as well as doing the area between the base and top turret plates.

Fair bit to do obviously. Added a bit of Badab Black to some of the textured area to show it up a bit better.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Commenting Problem...

I appear to no longer be able to comment on own or anyone elses.

This is somewhat annoying to say the least, untill I find the solution I won't be able to reply to any comments on here or comment on anyone else's blogs (believe me I have been trying, very trying...).

I'm putting this up just so that those who have commented recently (cheers) don't think I am just ignoring them.

Would you believe it I can now comment again...I hate computers sometimes.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - 'Just Thinking Out Loud'

So, I was chatting the other day to Maelstrom (from The Rising Sign) which resulted in me uttering 'well if you do a BFG fleet i'll do a Mordheim warband'.

So it now appears I am committed to doing a fleet for Battle Fleet Gothic and a warband for Mordheim.

Been many years since I have played BFG but for some reason I have always wanted to pick it up again. Never played Mordheim but it looks certainly looks interesting.

So now I am trying to decide which warband and which fleet to do.

My current thoughts are...

I will not be using the GW warbands, but instead converting my own warband from the various GW ranges.

Beastmen - always liked beastmen and with the plastic range I think it will be the easiest of the two warbands I am thinking of doing. I will want to do a Centigor conversion using the plastic pieces. Also got some LotR Wargs knocking around for cheap cannon fodder warhounds.

Carnival of Chaos - the option with by far the more conversion possibilities. Overall a much more work intensive project but with more reward in the end. Will need to convert almost every figure but a few will be multi-purpose such as Nurglings and a Nurgle figure from the War Altar. Will have to scratchbuild the wagon for them.

Battle Fleet Gothic:

Ork - Now I can't stand the GW Ork ships but I have had the thought to continue my 40k Ork tank philosophy by looting Imperial ships. Obviously means a lot of convertion work and I'm not sure how well they would turn out. It would mean I get to use the plastic ships saving a bit of money and I will also be able to build a Space Hulk...

Imperial Fleet -
a. Space Marines Strike Force - Possibly based on a Chapter in the Badab war allowing me to use some of the ships in Imperial Armour Volume 10. Mix of GW & FW ships.
b. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet - Using the GW ships backed up with Navy ships.

Chaos - I do like Chaos and doing them would allow me to use the plastic ships and give a lot of modelling potential (such as possessed ships, gifts of chaos etc).

All I need to do now is decide what to do.

I think the next step will be to work out some rough force lists. Gettng down what ships are in the fleets and what each warband will include will help me decide the next step. I hope anyway.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 5

Progress is plodding along.

At the front more GS has been added as well as texturing round the top and sides. Still quite a bit to do with the texturing though.

Monday 23 May 2011

Hades Drill 1

'Catch Up Monday' or should I call it 'From the Vaults Monday'? Whichever it means the same in the end.

As stated last Friday, each Friday and Monday I intend on posting up an existing 'pre-blog' model with the aim of eventually getting everything on here.

Tonight it is the time of my CRM Hades Drill.

I painted this for the Poisoned Chalice Games Day 2010 board, but it will also be used with my Chaos Renegade Militia, once I get some veterans built at least. No converting on this, a simple straight out of the box Forge World model.

The mean Multi Melta, which you can barely see once the
drill head is attached to the vehicle.

I used the hairspray technique to get it a rough, well used look with most of the yellow paint rubbed and scraped off while working in 'the pits'. Lots of dirt, grease etc. Mig dust was added.

The plan will be to do all of the Militia Engineering vehicles in the same yellow scheme.

The story for the gaming board was that the drill had done its digging and was now parked out of the way, due to this I didn't add much in the way of pulverised rock as this would of been dumped after it came out of the hole for the last time. I may go back and add some, along with a pilot so it fits in with the Militia.

Saturday 21 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 4

Another update on the WAoN, both on the front and up top...

Up top I cleaned up the bell tower pieces more, nothing worth getting pics of though as it was just mouldlines and removing some parts I didn't like the look of.

The top plate the bell sits on has changed a bit though. On top of the cast turrets I added magnets:

Three magnets in an appropriate pattern naturally. I took the top plate as was and glued in position some large diameter washers, these were then plated over with styrene. The top plate was then edged with some .25 strip and all the gaps GS'd. The top plate is now about 5mm thick. No pics of all this though, would of been a bit boring to look at. Now that I have sorted the top plate for size I can move onto the more interesting areas - namely how it joins to the base plate & how the bell tower blends into it.

The more interesting work happened at the front with the platform.

I glued the platform in position and then moved onto adding:

1. Bracketry at sides and underneath.
2. GS Nurgleyness to the one side of the platform to show where the Daemon inside is coming through the gap.
3. Textured the rear wall (though more is to be done to this and you can't see the texture well in the pictures)
4. GS down the one side of the rear wall - the other side is yet to be done.

And with a couple of figures in place:

Still more GS and other details to be added, including some railing. The railing will wait to the end though otherwise i'll just break it as I do other work.

Side shot to show height:

Ork Looted Wagons 1

I have decided that Fridays and Mondays will be catch up days, i.e. days where I pick something from the archive to post up.

Today is Fridays catch up post. Yes, I do know as I type this it is actually Saturday, but I think 00:34 counts as Friday still so just go with it.

Todays catch up is the first Looted Wagon I did. This was it the second Ork build I did in my new Waaagh phase (I actually did the Storm'amma before this) and to the shock of many I actually painted it. So here is the first of the 'five' mentioned in the Stylish Blogger Award post below.

I took a second hand ebay Leman Russ, stripped it of paint, ripped it apart and re-built it.

'Da Build'

The stripped and hacked up eBay Russ

Da Krew, magnetised, for no real reason to be honest.

Underneath and the reinforced ram:

Few more detail shots:

And now, a real rarity for this Blog, painted pictures.

Details bits and pieces:

That was quite a lot of pictures.