Tuesday, 10 May 2011

CRM Rough Riders 1

Right, first up I can't sculpt, at all. Frankly I hate using GS even to fill in gaps.

That isn't good when the latest project I have undertaken involves using the damn stuff.

Basically I have always liked Rough Riders and wanted some to add to my Chaos Renegade Militia for some time. But it has been a lack of suitable mounts that has been the problem. But the other day I had an idea - namely Seekers as a Xenos mount.

So I picked one up from a bits store (the only one they had in stock in fact) so have a play with. The main stumbling point will be to make a pair of legs that fit, once i have one pair I can hopefully cast them for the other members of the squad.

These are very WIP, getting legs to fit is proving to be a right git. Not being able to simply sculpt a pair I have cobbled together a pair using parts cut from three pairs of Cadian legs.

On left the first attempt, legs far too straight. So on the right is the same pair of legs after I cut them at the knee and repositioned them.

Legs after a bit more GS added to fill in the holes round the knees. Keep in mind there will be more detail added (if i can do it), at the moment the aim is just to get a pair that will fit.

And the mount itself. Reshaped the saddle a bit, but more work to do when GS cured. Reins will be added running from the 'horns' below the creatures jaw line. Baggage will get added, partly because it will look good and partly to cover up the crappy GS work.

And finally I did the basic work on the hunting lance. Wanted more of a battlefield solution for them, without supplies coming in from the Munitorium I wanted a look that showed the Militia themselves coming up with a suitable weapon.

Detail at the top shows the business end, basically a mortar round fitted to the end of the lance, when it comes in contact with the target the firing pin depresses and the round blows.


  1. I like the use of Seekers as Xenos mounts, I think after adding the reins and the baggage they will look suitable. :)

  2. Cheers, fingers crossed they work as I really do want to have a unit...even though I already have loads of Sentinels and Hellhounds which are probably a better gaming choice...Hopefully an update on the unit will be forthcoming soon.