Monday, 23 May 2011

Hades Drill 1

'Catch Up Monday' or should I call it 'From the Vaults Monday'? Whichever it means the same in the end.

As stated last Friday, each Friday and Monday I intend on posting up an existing 'pre-blog' model with the aim of eventually getting everything on here.

Tonight it is the time of my CRM Hades Drill.

I painted this for the Poisoned Chalice Games Day 2010 board, but it will also be used with my Chaos Renegade Militia, once I get some veterans built at least. No converting on this, a simple straight out of the box Forge World model.

The mean Multi Melta, which you can barely see once the
drill head is attached to the vehicle.

I used the hairspray technique to get it a rough, well used look with most of the yellow paint rubbed and scraped off while working in 'the pits'. Lots of dirt, grease etc. Mig dust was added.

The plan will be to do all of the Militia Engineering vehicles in the same yellow scheme.

The story for the gaming board was that the drill had done its digging and was now parked out of the way, due to this I didn't add much in the way of pulverised rock as this would of been dumped after it came out of the hole for the last time. I may go back and add some, along with a pilot so it fits in with the Militia.

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