Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gun Turrets 1

I thought it was time to do another 'from the archive' type of posts.

After doing the last post regarding casting Ork Glyphs I thought the best thing to put up was my gun turrets. Always liked the FW model but didn't really want to buy them, both due to the cost and because I thought i'd be able to knock something out myself that would allow me to use some of the many spare Russ turrets I have knocking around.

First job was knocking out a master...

This master actually has a core of lego, this ensured the whole thing was very stable and accurate dimensionally and also square. This core was plated over in 1mm styrene. Onto that the detail was added. I kept it very simple like the FW design. A cut down LED became a light at the rear, styrene numbers were added, more would be added to the cast pieces so that each one had a different ID, and a few bits from  scale model kits were added. The depression in the turret ring was done to allow a magnet to be glued in place.

Scale shot with Militiaman Bob and a Russ turret.

The master was then boxed up in lego and plasticene and the rubber poured in:

The moulding box made from lego, plasticene is round the base of it.

After 24  hours the lego was broken up and the mould peeled off the master.
Once the mould was done the first of the castings was quickly knocked out...

Considering it was the first bit of casting I had ever done I was very happy with the first one. Few small bubbles and a few rivets didn't come out but overall a very good cast. This first one was joined by three others, the odd bit of miscasting or air bubbles were sorted out, missing rivets added and battle damage carved in with a Dremel. The ID numbers were finished off and some hacked up Aquillas were added.

Magnets were super glued in ready for the turrets and all four were based using Finn board (really like that stuff). The bases were sanded and had some rocks added. Few skull adornments and some discarded equipment were added here and there.

Next up i'll show the turrets. All were based on spare Russ or Chimera turrets but I converted many of them to give me lots of options.


  1. Very cool! I have one of the FW turrets, but I always wanted a few more. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, cost is a limiting factor. Love the work you've done, tho. I'm very jealous :)

  2. I've gotta say man, I find your blog really, really, inspirational.

    It's definitely got me wanting to push my hobby skills and make more of my own stuff, do some molding of custom parts and plasticard work.

    Keep up the great posting!

  3. Jonathan - Cheers. I think the size, shape and design of the gun turret really suits casting so I would highly recommend it might be worth investigating casting if you want to be able to field more. There is the initial investment but overall you should be saving money (especially if you field lots of them...).

    Red - Cheers very much, it is very motivating to read comments like that so much appreciated.

  4. Quite nice, if, admittedly, a little bit too high above the ground. Still, I am only writing this due to my longstanding adoration of Panther tank aesthetics, and thus also Pantherturm bunkers. Also, great casting work, I really must look into it.