Tuesday, 17 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 2

Last few days have been something of a drought when it came to modelling. Just not been in the mood.

In an attempt to break the deadlock I picked the WAoN off the shelf for some attention. This was always meant to be a slow burning project to be picked up as and when but it is about time I started putting some work into it.

Plan is to have a platform at the front of the tank where a Priest and co can direct proceedings.

First job was to remove some of the paneling at the front, took a while as the Baneblade panels are pretty damn thick. The platform itself is carved up pieces of wood (ice lolly sticks in fact). Obviously a lot more to do to it but I thought I would do the update anyway as it gives an idea of the direction it is going.

The demolisher cannon clears the heads of the figures which is a happy coincidence. The platform is glued in yet and there will be various bracketry and Nurgle touches to go on there. The rear wall needs to be done as well, that will probably be the next job.

On an unrelated note I have had two of the Blogger Style Awards, I will soon do a post for this once I can decide on what to put in it...

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  1. Nice work so far dude, you going to have a pulpit on the platform with a suitably grubby looking book on it for the priest to read from?

    If you need any zombie type parts for this I might have some stuff you would find useful :)