Saturday, 21 May 2011

Ork Looted Wagons 1

I have decided that Fridays and Mondays will be catch up days, i.e. days where I pick something from the archive to post up.

Today is Fridays catch up post. Yes, I do know as I type this it is actually Saturday, but I think 00:34 counts as Friday still so just go with it.

Todays catch up is the first Looted Wagon I did. This was it the second Ork build I did in my new Waaagh phase (I actually did the Storm'amma before this) and to the shock of many I actually painted it. So here is the first of the 'five' mentioned in the Stylish Blogger Award post below.

I took a second hand ebay Leman Russ, stripped it of paint, ripped it apart and re-built it.

'Da Build'

The stripped and hacked up eBay Russ

Da Krew, magnetised, for no real reason to be honest.

Underneath and the reinforced ram:

Few more detail shots:

And now, a real rarity for this Blog, painted pictures.

Details bits and pieces:

That was quite a lot of pictures.


  1. Gorgeous mate. I love the rusty look on the tank. I definitely see the effort you put into it and it paid off.

  2. Amazing piece of work. I love the way you pay attention to every little detail mate. My personal favourite is the microphone, it looks outstanding.

  3. Thanks very much.

    I have to admit I was quite pleased how the paint job turned out. First time I had done a lot of the techniques used on there, all thanks really to the FW Masterclass book, can't recommend it enough.