Thursday, 26 May 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - 'Just Thinking Out Loud'

So, I was chatting the other day to Maelstrom (from The Rising Sign) which resulted in me uttering 'well if you do a BFG fleet i'll do a Mordheim warband'.

So it now appears I am committed to doing a fleet for Battle Fleet Gothic and a warband for Mordheim.

Been many years since I have played BFG but for some reason I have always wanted to pick it up again. Never played Mordheim but it looks certainly looks interesting.

So now I am trying to decide which warband and which fleet to do.

My current thoughts are...

I will not be using the GW warbands, but instead converting my own warband from the various GW ranges.

Beastmen - always liked beastmen and with the plastic range I think it will be the easiest of the two warbands I am thinking of doing. I will want to do a Centigor conversion using the plastic pieces. Also got some LotR Wargs knocking around for cheap cannon fodder warhounds.

Carnival of Chaos - the option with by far the more conversion possibilities. Overall a much more work intensive project but with more reward in the end. Will need to convert almost every figure but a few will be multi-purpose such as Nurglings and a Nurgle figure from the War Altar. Will have to scratchbuild the wagon for them.

Battle Fleet Gothic:

Ork - Now I can't stand the GW Ork ships but I have had the thought to continue my 40k Ork tank philosophy by looting Imperial ships. Obviously means a lot of convertion work and I'm not sure how well they would turn out. It would mean I get to use the plastic ships saving a bit of money and I will also be able to build a Space Hulk...

Imperial Fleet -
a. Space Marines Strike Force - Possibly based on a Chapter in the Badab war allowing me to use some of the ships in Imperial Armour Volume 10. Mix of GW & FW ships.
b. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet - Using the GW ships backed up with Navy ships.

Chaos - I do like Chaos and doing them would allow me to use the plastic ships and give a lot of modelling potential (such as possessed ships, gifts of chaos etc).

All I need to do now is decide what to do.

I think the next step will be to work out some rough force lists. Gettng down what ships are in the fleets and what each warband will include will help me decide the next step. I hope anyway.


  1. I would like to see you do the Carnival of Chaos, although I'm at a loss in regards to what kits and bits you could use. Beastmen on the other hand would be a whole lot easier.

    BFG on the other hand I know next to nothing about, but I like the sound of either Orks or Chaos :)

  2. haha do you regret uttering those words yet :P

    I'd like to see you do carnival of Chaos for Mordheim, treat them as a slow burn project, like working on the odd 1 or 2 inbetween your other projects.

    For BFG I would say do chaos, your really good at making nurgle stuff so a plague fleet would be something special :)

    For me BFG wise I'm thinking of possibly a Red Corsair fleet so a mix of Imperial, Chaos and Marine ships. Still not decided yet though

  3. I vote Carnival of Chaos for Mordheim. I wanted to get the set but always found something else I needed more.

    I agree On Orks for BFG. You can come out very economical by building a Rok fleet from foam and extra bits, no real need to even use ships. Then make a Space hulk for your command ship. It might not be an optimum fleet build but it was fun for me to play.

  4. Cheers for the comments.

    Still rather undecided on both systems.

    I think I am leaning towards Carnival of Chaos, but I may do a beastmen one as well as it looks like I could knock them out quickly and then work on the Carnival in the background.

    For BFG I am thinking of picking up some plastic ships and trying some conversions out for Orks and Chaos. Depending how those go will determine which fleet I end up doing. Though I am still tempted with a Badab War Marine Fleet...


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