Friday, 20 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I must admit I normally just delete with extreme prejudice any sort of chain letter type of thing. However this is different as it isn’t one of those annoying ‘pass this on to ten people or you will have bad luck’ trash which some people seem incapable of ignoring, but instead something to help build the community and shine a light on the good work people do.

So I shall be nice and join in...

For those not in the know when you are nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award you need to do the following:

1.    Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2.    Share seven (I have no idea why it is seven, seems an unusual number to select) things about yourself.
3.    Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
4.    Contact these blogs and let them know about the award.

So first off thanks must go to those who nominated me:
Porky (when I had barely entered the blogging world) at Porky's Expanse!
warpaintguy at War Paint Studio and
Mr Feral at Feralique
Cheers to all three of you.

Seven things about myself? Ok.

1.    I currently have two tattoos, there would be many more but I can never decide on what to have done. I find this very annoying and frustrating, but alas this has not helped me come to a decision. On those occasions when I think I have decided on a design I later realise it was a crap choice, thankfully before the ink has been done.
2.    In the 20+ years I have been doing this hobby I have completely finished (i.e. fully finished paint job), excluding terrain, five models. These models are: Nurgle Land Raider, Nurgle Predator, two Ork Looted Wagons and a Hades Drill.
3.    I was a volunteer at Games Day UK 2008 & 2010, having organised the Ammobunker forum’s participation there.
4.    I hate Scooby Doo.
5.    The first GW models I ever bought (not including boxed games like Heroquest) was the Space Marine Rhino and the Space Ork Battlewagon – just after it was released. It came with seven Ork boyz and was great. I lost count of the amount of times I converted the Rhino in one way or another and I still have some parts from the Battlewagon knocking around.
6.    I add things to my ‘to do’ list far more often than I remove them. For example while writing item 5 above I have thought of another project which will now get added.
7.    When asked once in a job interview what my friends would say I was I replied ‘a sarcastic bastard’. I didn’t get the job.

And now for some blogs...This has been a bit tricky to decide. Until a month ago I didn’t spend much time looking at people’s blogs as I was very much a forum person. As such I am only now discovering some of the great blogs out there showing work that just didn’t pop up on the forums I often visited. I know some, if not all, of these will already have received a Blogger award but I shall nominate them anyway…

Ron SaikowskiFrom the Warp – Sterling work from a very nice chap, a great place to visit both for the articles on there and also as a gateway to many other great blogs.

LuckyNo.5 - Eye of Error – For some of the best converted and best looking Dark Eldar out there.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Not a modelling blog but the highly entertaining Black Library author’s blog. Always worth a read, though younger internet users should be warned there is ‘bad language’, though nothing as inappropriate as the porn you probably watch online.

MaelstromThe Rising Sun - A blog which covers in addition to 40k many other model ranges and games. Have a look even though he has modellers ADD worse than me, possibly.

MolotovInq28 – The game of Inq28 gives you lots of scope for your imagination to go to town, a game where each figure can be modelled as though it was a centre piece for an army and this blog is all about it. Some excellent conversions and paint jobs.

Les KouzesLe Blog de Kouzes – I admit the limit of my French language skills bottoms out with ‘pot de confiture’ meaning ‘pot of jam’ (don’t ask), as such I just look at the pictures, but they are pictures well worth looking at.

Big SteveMind of the Daemon – ‘Big Steve’ aka El Diablo, whether it is Marines, Chaos, Orks or anything else this guy will give them a paint job they deserve. Nice guy as well, which would be an annoying combination if he didn’t once tell me ‘you’re about as tall as my wife; she comes up to my nipples as well’ to slightly sour my opinion of him…

Table Top Terraformers - 3T Studios - I think this counts as a Blog, it is on my blogging list anyway so I’m going with it. As the name suggests it’s all about the terrain. Top quality stuff and always worth looking at for inspiration.

Carl WoodrowDrop Pod - Not updated anywhere near as much as I would like as when it is they are it’s is full of pictures worth getting jealous about.

Dave TaylorDave Taylor Miniatures - We all know it, we all follow it. But I’m putting it in my list anyway.

And that is my ten.


  1. Good list. I love that the battlewagon parts still turn up after so many years. The Hades drill concept excites me too, and the idea it's one of the five is cool. And re this place, I think for most if not all of us it's a must-visit from the moment we find it.

  2. Great to see you made a blog Rictus! I was a huge fan of yours on warseer until warseer trolled out.

  3. Modellers ADD... such slander (if somewhat true :P )

    Good list of blogs there, cheers for nominating mine too :)

  4. Cheers for the comments.

    Porky: I am sure the Hades will get posted up soon, maybe Monday as the next 'from the archives' post.

    MWC: Cheers, nice to know I am remembered from Warseer when it has been so long since i was a regular poster on there.

    Maelstrom: Haven't you got something to be painted?

  5. Hey, thanks for the spot! I do really appreciate it. I didn't realise you had a blog; will have to add it to a blogroll.