Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Storm'amma 2

And the pics continue...

Next up some shots of the Krew.

Kommanda Duffwort himself, waving his Choppa.

The unfortunate Runtherd who is in 'charge' of the Grots.

The advanced communication system, with safety chain
(in case he falls off, H&S Executive in the 40k universe)

Various Grots, either taking pot shows at the enemy or
at each other.

Karaoke Grot belting a number out.

Duffworts pet squig, Squishy. Taking offence at one of the periscopes.
Final Krew shot showing a couple of Grots in context and another Grot
popping out of the hatch.
All of the Krew are magnetised, including Squishy (even the chain where it attaches to the hull) so that they can all be removed for painting and storage/transport.

For ease of posting i'm breaking this posts up a bit, so expect another post very soon...

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