Tuesday 30 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 7

So I was away for a long weekend for one of our regular Meet Ups, as such not a lot has been done of late.

Tonight I got back to the Veterans and spent a short amount of time on them.

Each row is a squad.

All the figures are now done bar the heads.

Each group of four above is a group of the same legs, I kept them like this so I could distribute the weapons so that no pair of identical legs had matching weapons.

Below is a squad leader and a Vox. Crappy insert shows the side of the Vox where I had to cut up a couple of backpacks so that the Vox operator could be armed with a gun.

The leaders aerial is 10mm long, while the Vox aerial was 20mm.

Thankfully each box set contains five heads without Aquillas on them, meaning I don't need to remove any.

Tomorrow night should see the heads being added as well as a little clean up here and there, while attaching the torsos I spotted that I missed a winged skull on one of the guns. May also look to add some grenades to the waists.

Overall the Scions are a very nice kit. Only thing I would say is that the left arms could do with locating so that they can't be glued in the wrong position, you end up trying to glue several things at once to avoid this. Also where the cable off the gun and the cable off the backpack join could do with a locating lug, slot or something, just butting up together makes it tricky when you are trying to glue the gun in position.

Hopefully update tomorrow with finished units and better close ups.

Sunday 21 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 6

Unfortunately it has been one of those weeks.

I have at least started the Veteran squads.

Unlike the rest oft he Militia force which I built before I put together my Realm of Battle board I decided to start by cleaning & assembling all of the legs and basing them.

Top row is one squad and the second row the other squad.

I've also assembled the torsos.

I removed all of the small aerials from the torsos, except from the two which will be for the squad leaders (below). I removed most of the little lights as well, just kept a smattering. I added a little bit of damage and removed some of the armour plates which hang from the waist. Just to show these guys aren't well equipped Imperial Storm Troopers, but vets who have scavenged gear. I'll add some repairs/damage to a few as well.

My original plan was to carve some chaos stars into the front plate, but after looking at the models decided not to bother as you just don't see the front plate with the gun in place.

The leaders kept the aerials to help stand out from the rank and file, as I am giving everyone hellguns including the leaders they needed something - though I am also mounting them on rocks (see first pick) so it shouldn't be an issue.

I've since started to put the arms/weapons together, you can see four in the first pic next to legs. The fifth set is the Vox guy.

I removed the original aerial from the back pack as I didn't like it. The brass rod will be trimmed back later once I have the second Vox built so I can get them both the same length.

In the Scions box you don't get the option to have a Vox modelled armed with a Hellgun, so I had to do a little work cutting up a second back pack so I could add the power cable running to the vox back pack (forgot to get a picture of that).

I did consider converting the backpacks to include an emergency air tank, but ditched it as the Vox wouldn't be able to mount it.

Next weekend is the next Meet Up, but I hope to get a fair amount done on these before then so there should be an update this week sometime.

Sunday 14 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 5b

Small update following on from the last post.

I've not touched a Militia model since then (which is a relief), instead I've been removing Scions from their sprues and having a play with the 3D models I need to redo the HW teams.

These are not 100% finished yet, I may need to refine things once I plan out how they will be cast up, also need to mount them all on a sprue. I also need to check with Shapeways what minimum sizes etc are needed for the details - been a while since I have had to have any printing done.


It is 14mm long, as opposed to the 29mm of the standard GW missile. I've kept the same basic design and size just tweaked a few lengths at the end.

And to carry them around in a new box:

Smaller and more detailed than my old version. The two holes you can see will act as locators to drill holes to fit a handle made out of brass rod.

As you can see the box can fit three missiles in.

Similarly we have a new carry case for the Mortar shells.

As before I want one tube to be open, I will fit a cap on those I don't want to be open when assembled on a base (or in terrain pieces/as vehicle stowage).

As before the two holes are there to fit a handle.

Once I have decided on how I will cast them I'll get them finished off and sent to be printed.

At that point I'll also do some larger, better renders to show the pieces off better.

Friday 12 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 5

I do hate building these damn things.

Command Squad is nearly done. So very nearly done.

Spent over two hours last night trying to finish them. I only had three left to do and one of those was just basing (the commander). The other two were only missing their left arms. That is it, just two left arms. I still have one without a left arm. I hate them.

The whole squad. Just ten of them, including missing arm man top left.

The Commander and Standard were just clean up jobs and bases. Gave them both rocks to stand on, give them a bit more presence. The Commander needed a new cable to his weapon (see below) as that snapped off years ago. I also removed another cable running into his chest as that was damaged.

I gave some of them a quick coat of grey primer to better show if there were still any gaps that needed cleaning. The Vox on the left was a bugger, I just couldn't seem to fill the gap where his left arm joins together (left arms seem to be a problem for Militia in may ways). Not sure what the middle guy is trying to signal, something important probably. Plasma gunner uses a body from the Artillery crew set.

Guy above was one of the left arms I had a nightmare with last night. In the end I cut his hand off and stuck a hook in it.

This guy also got hand replacement surgery uses a knife I spent an age carefully carding up, some GS rope and a cut down Enforcer little shield thing. This was done for choice rather than in desperation.

The heavy weapon team, did a little cleaning up on base and adding a bit more sand so the team and weapon didn't look like they were 'floating'.

That is the bastard who still needs an arm. It will be done this weekend. Or he'll be melted down.

In related news I had these arrive...

...namely four boxes of Scions. The Vets will be under way soon.

In other related news I am changing things...again.

Looking at the HW teams (namely Missile Launcher and Mortar teams) I need to redo something on them.

Many years ago I did some ammo cases for both as well as cut down a Missile for the teams. Basically as I wanted mini-dioramas for each HW team I needed something for them to have carried the missiles or shells around in.

So with that in mind we have these examples...

Here is the thing, I don't like them. I think they look crap. As an idea they are fine but in the execution they lack a lot.

For a start the missile is still far too big, it is just stupid that even in 40k with their over the top weapons that the missile is that big, because the missile is that big the ammo case for them is massive.

My plan is thus, over the weekend to do some 3D models for a new missile and the ammo boxes. I'll then get them printed and cast up for the HW teams. It means a delay is posting the first batch off to Sheep but I think it will be worth it. Besides while I wait for the prints to arrive I can crack on with the Vets.

I am resisting the urge to make the Lascannon smaller.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 4

Another week, another squad done.

So unit 'M' - Infantry Squad B is now all done.

As always with these it was nothing but joy and happiness.

These guys are more assault orientated, they will likely get the Khorne Covenant giving them a bit of an edge when getting into close combat.

They all have pistols & close combat weapons bar the three special weapons - two flamers and a melta gun. Should give people pause before assaulting them.

I had to do a number of weapon swaps on these guys as well as build two new members. The rest got gap filling and some tidying up plus the basing done.

Still not sure about his little hat.

The squad leader used to be my Infantry Platoon Commander as was armed with a bolt pistol and power fist. For a squad leader this seemed a bit over the top (plus I didn't really like the look if I'm honest). SO I removed the original arms and gave him a power sword (so he still has something extra in CC) and a bolt pistol, I changed the bolt pistol arm as the original was a Marine arm, though without a shoulder pad, it was ok but a Guard one does look better, the pistol though is still a Marine one - I couldn't find a Guard bolt pistol unfortunately.

This special weapon trooper used to have a Heavy Flamer (I so liked fielding that), the Heavy Flamer got converted into a Flamer, which was trickier than it sounds.

One of the typical arm/weapon swaps I had to do. He used to be a Demo Charger guy (again I am going to so miss fielding those). For something a bit different I decided to not give him a pistol, instead he is seen relying on the only things he has left - his last grenade and his mace. He'll probably find a pistol eventually from a dead enemy (or squad mate).

For the other flamer is was a case of a quick clean up and filling plus adding more fuel for the flamer. I was going to add it strapped to his belt like on the other flamer guy, but in the end I couldn't be arsed doing it. Instead he is shown after he has changed the fuel cannister and dumped the empty.

While doing these I also put together three Tank commanders that Sheep suggested I include.

There was a fourth I was doing but in the process of cleaning him up I slipped and a. cut the cables/tubes I was removing flash from and b. stabbed myself. He is a lost cause. I do have somewhere an Enforcer tank commander I built ages ago, if I can find that I'll chuck him in as well.


At this point I would put up the progress chart and feel slightly smug about getting another unit done.

However I have been mulling things over and I am going to make a change to the force. I have already put Sheep's mind at rest that this doesn't mean more infantry to paint. It does though cut down hugely on the work I need to do.

"So what are you changing?" I hear you ask.

Well in the previous plan I had a Veteran squad (fulfilling the second compulsory Troop slot) and a Disciples squad (an Elite choice). Both are 10 man squads, the former have WS 4 while the later have BS4.

What I really want though is two squads with BS4, to form hard hitting ranged units backing up the large blocks of grunts. I've already got the Infantry squad above along with the hard hitting Ogryn Berserkers and Rough Riders to go charging into assault.

So after going back to the IA13 list and looking at the options I have decided to change the Devotion my Demagogue has. The original choice had some bonuses but of those only a couple I will miss. The new one allows me to upgrade Veteran Squads to Grenadier squads, this includes a boost to their BS.

Originally I was going to cast up some torsos done by Gravis for the Vets and Disciples, these are very nice and exactly what I was hoping for from him. However I just can't face having to make backpacks, do cabling, do heads and of course do moulds and cast everything. I've got enough to do already.

Instead I am going to use the excellent looking Scion models (the rules cover the options you get with them). It means I can build two squads without the pain and time having to convert etc.

Torso by Gravis.

I now need to order four boxes of Scions.

The chart has been updated to include the tank commanders (I may add that fourth one if I find it) and the change to the Vet squads.

Monday 1 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 3

The war continues to be raged.

Another squad - Infantry Squad A - is now finished. Joy.

Lots of filling, filing bits done, few swaps out and the basing all done.

The biggest amount of work went to making the Icon Bearer. Drilling out the hand was a bugger.

The state of play is now thus...

I am going to reward myself by reading a bit of Tempest. Then it shall be onto the next squad.