Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 5b

Small update following on from the last post.

I've not touched a Militia model since then (which is a relief), instead I've been removing Scions from their sprues and having a play with the 3D models I need to redo the HW teams.

These are not 100% finished yet, I may need to refine things once I plan out how they will be cast up, also need to mount them all on a sprue. I also need to check with Shapeways what minimum sizes etc are needed for the details - been a while since I have had to have any printing done.


It is 14mm long, as opposed to the 29mm of the standard GW missile. I've kept the same basic design and size just tweaked a few lengths at the end.

And to carry them around in a new box:

Smaller and more detailed than my old version. The two holes you can see will act as locators to drill holes to fit a handle made out of brass rod.

As you can see the box can fit three missiles in.

Similarly we have a new carry case for the Mortar shells.

As before I want one tube to be open, I will fit a cap on those I don't want to be open when assembled on a base (or in terrain pieces/as vehicle stowage).

As before the two holes are there to fit a handle.

Once I have decided on how I will cast them I'll get them finished off and sent to be printed.

At that point I'll also do some larger, better renders to show the pieces off better.


  1. Much more compact missiles mate, though unless its an RPG variant, the stabilising fins will need to be the same length as the diameter of the tube, and rocket body, or they won't fit in the launcher.

    Even if they are a folding fin design, they would still be folded up, not deployed . . .

    1. The missile diameter and fins sizes are identical to the GW ones, I kept all those the same, just changed the lengths of things.

      When it comes to GW designs of weapons I don't bother trying to understand them.

  2. Watchin this. Very curious to see how it turns out!