Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 7

So I was away for a long weekend for one of our regular Meet Ups, as such not a lot has been done of late.

Tonight I got back to the Veterans and spent a short amount of time on them.

Each row is a squad.

All the figures are now done bar the heads.

Each group of four above is a group of the same legs, I kept them like this so I could distribute the weapons so that no pair of identical legs had matching weapons.

Below is a squad leader and a Vox. Crappy insert shows the side of the Vox where I had to cut up a couple of backpacks so that the Vox operator could be armed with a gun.

The leaders aerial is 10mm long, while the Vox aerial was 20mm.

Thankfully each box set contains five heads without Aquillas on them, meaning I don't need to remove any.

Tomorrow night should see the heads being added as well as a little clean up here and there, while attaching the torsos I spotted that I missed a winged skull on one of the guns. May also look to add some grenades to the waists.

Overall the Scions are a very nice kit. Only thing I would say is that the left arms could do with locating so that they can't be glued in the wrong position, you end up trying to glue several things at once to avoid this. Also where the cable off the gun and the cable off the backpack join could do with a locating lug, slot or something, just butting up together makes it tricky when you are trying to glue the gun in position.

Hopefully update tomorrow with finished units and better close ups.


  1. These really are a fantastic kit. I don't think I've ever seen work with the scions that I haven't liked. Good call on that brass rod. I think I've broken off every communicator on every model I've ever had...

  2. Aye, I could never see those aerials lasting beyond a game or two.


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