Monday 28 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 2b

Quick update today, I did a bit more on the legs last night and got some better pictures today in daylight.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 2

Decimator has progressed.

I attacked all the armour plates with the Dremel and added patches of GS and other Nurgley bits.

I assembled each leg - which was a pain even without one of the bits breaking - and put together a base.

I then assembled the torso, legs and base together. This was not fun.

Above - the base with the two feet in position.
Below - More cables & GS added to the torso. I also added some LGS & sugar to the hip piece to add a bit of texture different to the fleshy GS areas.

The current state with the shoulder plates just resting in place.

I added brass rod to the hips joints and also through the base ito the right foot. While doing this one of the knee joints starting to come apart so I had to reglue and pin there as well.

The thing is a hulking beast but I did not enjoy putting those legs together. Still need more work on them, partly due to the mess I caused putting the whole thing together.

So next up, more work to the legs and joints, then onto the arms and weapons. The weapons are not going to be out of the box - I plan on turning the Storm Laser into a Butcher Cannon and the Conversion Beamer is being redone due to it looking a bit naff and being a crappy cast.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 1

Early stages of putting the Decimator together...

Nurgley Exhausts, hip piece pinned in place. Replaced a number of the cables and the Nurgle Flesh (i.e. GS) hides some other naff cables.

The shoulder plates (and head not shown) have been attacked with a dremel and the one plate had a little GS added.

And with the shoulder plates and head blu tac'd in place...

Obviously quite a lot left.

I am also looking to rebuild completely the conversion beamer, for a start I don't like the look of it but it is also a crap cast with wonky struts.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Head Herald 1

About time I did a post showing some work on an actual model.

With the next Meet Up approaching with the Heresy Weekender I want to get some reinforcements built for the Nurgle Daemons. If I have time I may even get some paint on them (or perhaps finish some already started...).

First up the new Herald.

This guy will be the leader of the Heralds, the first among equals as it were. He will count as a Herald on Palanquin, I will also try out using the Epidemius rules for him at some point. Can't stand the GW model.

The plan was to build him pretty much as stock, though leaving off his halberd/axe which is normally hanging off the rear of his mount.

In the end I removed his left arm completely and replaced it with a Plaguebearer one and replace his boring looking sword with a Plaguebearer leaders sword, which turned out a bit more tricky than I expected.

He still needs a bit of clean up round the sword joint (see below). His original left hand was a large mutated thing holding what I imagine is the 'reins' for the beast. I had to carve it away without breaking the pieces off.

Once I do the small clean up he'll be done. Not sure I want to add anything else to him.

Next up is the Decimator which I have already started cleaning up and Nurglifying.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - Bits and Bobs

So it has been quiet in here again.

Alas hobby time has been limited due to work getting in the way, along with a couple of gigs and a day shooting people (my other, lesser, hobby). What free time I have had has been devoted to working my way through Extermination which I picked up as part of the Collectors Set at the FW Open Day...

It is lovely. The Mechanicum are calling me stronger with every book FW do.

However, fear not for I have touched a model...


Basically yes, I have done this entire post as an excuse to do what is a very weak joke.

So in an attempt to make this post at least half worthy of doing here is what is on the cards and what will hopefully be appearing on here soon(ish).

Heresy Weekender:

I shall be at the FW/BL Heresy Weekender again this year so expect lots of pictures after the event – and possibly after the first day if I can be bothered to sort pictures and get internet working in the hotel. That weekend will also be the next Meet Up between myself, Nife and Maelstrom so expect some picture of that as well.

Nurgle Deamons:

For that Meet Up I hope to get some new reinforcements for the Deamons built, these are...

Left to right we have a Decimator – which will be Nurglised somewhat, a lovely Plague Hulk and Kazyk the Befouled who will become a Herald on Palanquin.

Kazyk will become the fourth Herald I have in the army and you may have noticed not one of them is a Plaguebearer type figure. My reason for this is I don’t want the Heralds to be simply Daemons+, i.e. rank and file who have been raised above the others. I prefer the idea that all deamons are basically the same, each just a small part of the greater form that is Papa Nurgle. Instead my Heralds are all sort of mini-Deamon Princes. Former mortal champions of Nurgle who succumbed to his poxes or in some other way could no longer perform adequately in the mortal realm so were brought into the Plaguefathers realm to continue in his service.

Imperial Guard:

As mentioned in a post not long ago I am awaiting the new Guard Codex to arrive so that I can re-organise and sort out the Militia. It is on order from Wayland, so it’ll probably be here sometime before Winter. Along with a Hydra. In the meantime I keep wanting to get the Militia out and make a start, but can’t really do that without the book...and I need to get focused on the Daemons. Well as focused as I can be. Which isn’t much.

I am also eagerly waiting some bits from Col Gravis which will allow me to add some veterans and Rough Riders to the Militia.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - Having a bit of a clear out.

So I decided I needed more space for new things, so up on eBay are some of the things that I just don't need.

These include unbuilt Grot Tanks, unbuilt Ork Flakk Gun, my two painted Looted Wagons and the Looted Shadowsword.

Also up are the two latest Show Only Figures from Forge World which I picked up at the Open Day the other week.

The auctions can be found HERE.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Forge World Open Day 2014 - Part 3 - Other things.

So here are some more pictures from the Open Day.

Ad Mech v Emp Children:

Drop Site Massacre:

Painting Competition (bloody hard to get decent pictures with the horrible cabinets they use):

The winner I believe.

And a few shots from the exhibition hall.

And a very nice Sons of Horus force: