Tuesday 21 February 2017

Adeptus Mechanicum 2

A bit more progress on the Ad Mech.

It would have been more but I had to read Inferno (I had to, I had no choice).

The Domitar is built in sub sections and primed in it's shiney metal base colour.

Normally I just build things and be damned, but this time I am trying to have some forethought and make painting easier by keeping the models in sub assemblies until I reach a stage that they have to go together.

The four Scyllax are also getting there.

The bodies, floatey leg things and the mechadendrites are together.

Bottom right you can see the WIP flamer arm I am building for one of these. The lower arms and their heads got sprayed along with the Domitar.

What I am undecided about is the servo arms which is meant to be mounted on their backs, I think if I added them they wouldn't last long.

Also to finish off are the alternative arms for the Magos.

Thursday 16 February 2017

'Epic' Clear Out

Long before the re-birth of Specialist Games and the announcement of Adeptus Titanicus I was planning on doing a Horus Heresy Space Marine Legion army for Epic, plan was to put an army together following the look and make up of a Legion force. As such I hunted on ebay far too much picking up early Epic models for it.

However, I got no further than buying things. I had (and still have) far bigger hobby priorities to work on. Now we have Adeptus Titanicus on the way and to be frank I am far, far, more excited about doing that justice when it arrives than have a 6mm Epic force. I certainly don't have the time or resources to do both.

As such I need to move the Epic stuff on.

It will start to go on ebay this Sunday, however before it goes on there I wanted to see if anyone who reads this blog (or knows someone who might) would want to pick any of the pieces up before I go through the hassle of listing it all.

So the picture below shows everything I have at the moment...

Lots of plastic infantry plus additional metal command, Rhinos, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds, (metal) Predators and Vindicators, Contemptor style plastic dreadnoughts and later style metal dreadnoughts, a Baneblade, two Reavers and two Forge World Warhounds.

If you are interested drop me an email rictusrd-blog @ yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk (delete the spaces and makes the -dot- just .).

Monday 13 February 2017

Into The Archives - My Early White Dwarf Reads (Part Seven)

It's been a while since I last did one of these - about six months I think.

I thought it was about time I went back and pulled another White Dwarf from the archive. Now the previous ones ran from WD #124 to #129 so you would expect the next one to be #130...but no. I've decided to go back into some of the earlier White Dwarfs I picked up as in those days you could pick up old issues in Games Workshop stores.

So here we go...

White Dwarf #109

Monday 6 February 2017

Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 - Art Seminar, Angelus, Golden Demon and anything else

Right, this is the last post on the Weekender. Pretty certain of that.

First up, the Art Seminar.

This was a real treat. It was interesting and very entertaining. The host, Tony Cottrell set the four guests - Neil Roberts, Mark Bedford, Dominic Oedinger & Rachel Pierce - the task of producing a piece of artwork during the seminar while they also discussed the pieces of art shown and answering questions.

First up the artwork shown...

Sunday 5 February 2017

Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 - Adeptus Titanicus

Not a lot to report from the Adeptus Titanicus seminar.

However watching the demo game and chatting to Andy Hoare the game looks very entertaining. From what I saw not having a lot of models in a force allows there to be a lot of depth to each Titan.

I won't repeat what I have put up after previous events but I will repeat that the game is Horus Heresy set so only expect Imperial Titans and Knights, no Xenos and no vehicles & infantry, expect to see classes of Titan and Knights we have already seen as models in 28mm and those we haven't yet seen - though we may have heard of them previously in the background material and novels.

The mock up buildings used in the demo games were scaled up versions of those done for the game, so if you look at the pictures below you can get an idea of what they will look like. Expect them to be modular and with plenty of potential.

There looks to be a some great nods going back to the earliest days of the original Adeptus Titanicus, both in the feel of the game and the background material used.

The control panel (can't remember actual name of them) allow you to keep track of everything on your titan. While there is a chance we will get one included with each titan the chances are we'll get a pack of them in the box game and then be able to buy add on packs as you need.

Knight units will tend to be used either as a protective screen (aka cannon fodder) or as fast flankers to peck away at the enemy. While they die easily to ignore them will be a big risk.

I have to say I am really looking forward to the game, even more than I was before (which was a lot)...but the release date could be a year away, though from what was said it is likely to be this year.

Oh the memories...


I remember seeing the Imperial Palace diorama many, many years ago. Possibly the first time I visited Warhammer World when it opened after GW moved the HQ to the current site? The milk bottles were what really stuck in my mind...

Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 - New Models Part 3

Last set of pictures of new models, these are the ones that turned up today, or better pics of previous ones.

Saturday 4 February 2017

Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 - New Models Part 2

Few more pictures, taken from my phone (and you have seen them on twitter).