Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Adeptus Mechanicum 1

Well I'm having fun.

These are at a state that I will be able to take them this Friday to Warhammer World for a pre-Horus Heresy Weekender gathering.

These were, and I will not lie, a bitch to put together.

There is a lot paint wise to do, brass to add, details to paint and so on. But at least there has been some progress.

I put the base metal colour down using a spray can, I wanted a quick and easy way to get the majority of the work done.

Vorax. Truly hated building these.

As you can see the one ammo belt broke, this was before I had started building them.

The Magos uses the body of a Myrmidon. I am magnetising all the arms and building different options for him. At the moment I am just painting the ones I need for this Friday. The other options have some more work to do on them.

Castellex, second hand and a bit rough. It'll do.

The Thallax. Not as bad as the Vorax but still a bitch.

I ave also done the ZM bases for most of the AM force, there are more not shown.

For the models I went for a bright silver colour as the base. This was because I wanted to make sure they would stand out from the darker ZM board (when I paint it) and the models bases.


  1. Love those 'bots! They've a really nice update of the classic version - shame they're a pain to assemble.

    1. Yeah, looks great but they area a bitch.

  2. I have had this idea of using Myrmidon's body for building Magos for quite a while, glad to see you actually making it. :)

    1. I'm sure a fair few ave done it already, it seems a perfect base for a Magos.


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