Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Adeptus Mechanicum 2

A bit more progress on the Ad Mech.

It would have been more but I had to read Inferno (I had to, I had no choice).

The Domitar is built in sub sections and primed in it's shiney metal base colour.

Normally I just build things and be damned, but this time I am trying to have some forethought and make painting easier by keeping the models in sub assemblies until I reach a stage that they have to go together.

The four Scyllax are also getting there.

The bodies, floatey leg things and the mechadendrites are together.

Bottom right you can see the WIP flamer arm I am building for one of these. The lower arms and their heads got sprayed along with the Domitar.

What I am undecided about is the servo arms which is meant to be mounted on their backs, I think if I added them they wouldn't last long.

Also to finish off are the alternative arms for the Magos.


  1. I added the servo arms, their pretty sturdy, there's a small notch to fit them to.

    1. Yeah I like the look of them but I just know i'm going to break one or more of them off at some point. In the end I attached them but added in a thin brass rod as well, hopefully that will see them survive painting, transport and gaming...

  2. That is a great use for the FW left over chunks. Help keep things from sliding around when spraying!

    1. I can't be the first to use them...and only did as I ran out of other things to attach them to. It is useful though as you can spray them all in one go and still put them down to dry.


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