Monday, 6 February 2017

Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 - Art Seminar, Angelus, Golden Demon and anything else

Right, this is the last post on the Weekender. Pretty certain of that.

First up, the Art Seminar.

This was a real treat. It was interesting and very entertaining. The host, Tony Cottrell set the four guests - Neil Roberts, Mark Bedford, Dominic Oedinger & Rachel Pierce - the task of producing a piece of artwork during the seminar while they also discussed the pieces of art shown and answering questions.

First up the artwork shown...

And the results of the in Seminar artwork:

Dominic Oedinger

Rachel Pierce

Neil Roberts

Mark Bedford - who looks very pleased with his own work.

And close ups of the pieces, the first two depict the 'Lost Primarchs' while the second two are scenes from Fulgrims birthday party.:

Angelus - the next book in the series was covered in the last Seminar (as I am sure everyone knows by now).

While this is at a very early stage (hence not much being shown) it was still very interesting to see what they have planned and also hearing Alan Bligh speak about his plans, ideas and thoughts on the Legions and other people taking part.

Oh, expect anything up to another 12 books to be on the way...

The all important Timeline...

Black Library Seminar...

Preview of books to come, though in the case below a preview of their covers:

Golden Demon.

As I say every time I put up pictures of Golden Demon not every picture came out and I am sure I would have missed some of the entries. As such these are necessarily the ones I think are best, just the best pictures I took.

Anything Else...

Thankfully I didn't go mad with buying stuff, I only picked up the following pieces:

The new book was of course the big thing to pick up. Barely even looked at it yet, but that'll come.

Also picked up from Warhammer World an appropriate picture plus the Blood Bowl cards and a ticket to Warhammer Fest.

In Conclusion.

I've been to all five Horus Heresy Weekenders and I think this was probably my favourite.

Opening up registration and the store Friday evening was such a good thing as it meant the first morning rugby maul was avoided and the first day starting far more relaxed and ordered. I really hope they do the same next year.

The participation game of Adeptus Titanicus Friday night was also a great idea, if I wasn't excited enough for it already I left wanting is sooner. Thanks go as always to Andy Hoare for taking the time to talk to me regarding AT and in the process answering the same questions he had probably answered several times already.

They chose to move things around on Saturday to increase numbers that could watch the seminars, another wise choice and next year I hope they start like that and avoid the need to change things while things are running. I can remember some people being a bit negative last year (in fairness it didn't run as smoothly as previous HHW's) but in my opinion this year had no issues that I saw and the organisers reacted quickly when they needed to. Though £7 for lunch...?

Instead of having set demos of modelling and painting they had basically a drop in centre where you could go in and see the modellers and painters working on pieces and ask them questions. Seemed a good idea as the issue previously was demonstrations you wanted to see clashing with the seminars you wanted to see.

The seminars were of the usual standard, namely very high. Lots of interesting information shared and lots of humour. Tony Cottrell really could get a part time job as a dinner speaker.

All the guests and staff (designers, writers, painters etc) were open, friendly and happy to talk and share.

It is a shame more people can't attend the event, but any larger and it would lose much of it's charm, the seminars are often at the limit as it is.

So anyway, roll on Warhammer Fest.


  1. Awesomeness! Loved seeing all of your pics and thoughts on the event. Rather jealous that you've got your copy of Inferno already, can't wait to pick it up!

    1. Won't be long till its on general release.

  2. Thanks as always for your excellent coverage of these events!


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