Tuesday 25 February 2014

Terrain Time - Ruins 1 & Scatter Terrain 18

You may remember some time ago I did a mould for a long gone GW ruin. I used a cast of this on the second Blight Drone base and also a part on the Jabberslythe/Giant Spined Beast.

The plan was always to do more casts and use them as terrain.

Finally got round to starting these.

Ruins 1

As you can see this is very early in the build. I need to build the bases up next with some foamboard (as I did on the Blight Drone base). The Finnboard is just cut roughly to shape at the moment.

Rubble will cover the gap between the small 'islands'.

On the last piece I did a second cast of the wall with the arch then added this to the first piece. Was a bit tricky but overall very happy with it.

Scatter Terrain 18

I've cast more pallets and stowage but for this update just a quick post as I decided to do a new crate. Basically I wanted a bigger cast, so I took two cast crates and with a bit of fiddling ended up with one big cast which was then turned into a mould...

Original master on the left, new larger crate master on the right.

One of the best things with these stores moulds is that it allows me to minimise any waste resin. Any excess mixed up can simply be poured in, then bits of scrap resin from pour vents, sprues etc can be chucked in as well...

And half hour later we have the first cast:

Sunday 23 February 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Giant Spined Beast 2

Just a quick update on the Beast.

Horns added and the front claws. Used the dremel to remove all of the modelled on bases detail the claws were on.

Used some ruins to go on one side which the left front claw will be on.

It was only when taking the pictures that I realised with the ruin there you can't see the areas I carved out and Nurgly-fied. Will go back and work on the wall so you see more of the Beast.

Also did more small jobs like gap filling, touching up some GS work etc.

There will be lots of rubble on the base including areas built up which the other front claw will be grasping on to.

Monday 17 February 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Giant Spined Beast 1

Well first off i'm not doing the FW model. Just to make that clear before I get questions. I will however be using the rules from FW to field this model.

So I took the Jabberslythe model and started putting it together. I have decided to leave the wings and the little third set of legs off.

I'm not sure about the base. Wondering if it is a bit big, though was everything is added it might look better sized. Plus it might be appropriate for the FW model to keep the base this size (though not having the FW model i'm not sure for certain how big it is).

I added some Nurgley touches to match in with the other Daemons. This included carving into the body with the Dremel. All the GS needs some work yet though.

I'm undecided about the beard. I may just carve it all off.

Plenty left to do including working on the base which I will have to work on as I finish him.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Scatter Terrain 17

Quick update on the pallets.

I've cast more pallets and started to add the stores to them all. Now the cast quality of the stores isn't perfect because as they will all be covered in tarps it wasn't important, hence I did quick and easy casts without using the pressure tank.

I also added some scale model pieces to add variety.

As you can see above I have some casts of the now no longer available Chimera/Russ & Baneblade road wheels. I did these just for this purpose.

I plan to keep casting pallets this weekend as I have loads more store casts and scale model bits to use up. I also want to make some larger crates to add to them and start mixing in some Guard bits.

Once I have more cast up I'll start adding the tarps.

As a reminder this is one of the test pieces I did when I started experimenting with tarps:

Should have another update up this weekend.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - A game or two.

So this weekend gone it was the regular gaming meet up with Nife and Maelstrom and naturally I grabbed some pictures, though I didn't bother taking as many as usual.

Dreadball -

We got to try out the multiplayer version of Dreadball. I am undecided if I prefer it to the standard 2 player version, though it was undeniably entertaining. We got two games in, the first ended in a three way tie only for Nife to grab it in extra time (stole the game from us...). I managed to take the second game outright, which was nice.

Zombicide -

A favourite of our little group returned with new boards, new zombies and new survivors and equipment.

Always a good game and this time we got to try out a new mission of our own devising....

...still needs some playtesting but overall it worked rather well.

40k -

Obviously a meet up wouldn't happen without a game of 40k. This time we dropped Zone Mortalis to try our hand at regular 40k at Warhammer World.

Nife's Scorpions cowardly hiding in the trees.

While my Nurglings nobly defend the woods on the other end of the board.

Some of Maelstrom's Tau, before they got vomited on...

For a laugh Nife and Maelstrom teamed up against my Daemons including Scabby. As usual instead of playing tactically with the aim of winning I basically went for whatever was amusing.

It nearly worked...if we hadn't run out of time Scabby might of worked his way through most of the other army as he had finally got into close combat. What would of helped was if I had remembered to take the Hellstorm template for his vomit attacks...and for the Warp Storm Table to of gone my way before the last turn...