Monday, 17 February 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Giant Spined Beast 1

Well first off i'm not doing the FW model. Just to make that clear before I get questions. I will however be using the rules from FW to field this model.

So I took the Jabberslythe model and started putting it together. I have decided to leave the wings and the little third set of legs off.

I'm not sure about the base. Wondering if it is a bit big, though was everything is added it might look better sized. Plus it might be appropriate for the FW model to keep the base this size (though not having the FW model i'm not sure for certain how big it is).

I added some Nurgley touches to match in with the other Daemons. This included carving into the body with the Dremel. All the GS needs some work yet though.

I'm undecided about the beard. I may just carve it all off.

Plenty left to do including working on the base which I will have to work on as I finish him.


  1. Thats looking really good mate, the base model is not something I can remember seeing all that often in the first place, let alone converted like this.

    As for size, google provided this:
    So yours might be a little on the small side, but you can build the base up some.

    1. Yeah, def on the small side a little. But close enough I think to work.

  2. Fill the base up with nuglings and other griblys/zombies/infected/spawn. also gain some hight on the beast itself by building it up with a rock formation or some ruins or wreckage. It a cool model - it deserves that kind of work.

    1. Yeah the plan was to add some ruins to match the ones I used on the Blight Drone.


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