Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Giant Spined Beast 2

Just a quick update on the Beast.

Horns added and the front claws. Used the dremel to remove all of the modelled on bases detail the claws were on.

Used some ruins to go on one side which the left front claw will be on.

It was only when taking the pictures that I realised with the ruin there you can't see the areas I carved out and Nurgly-fied. Will go back and work on the wall so you see more of the Beast.

Also did more small jobs like gap filling, touching up some GS work etc.

There will be lots of rubble on the base including areas built up which the other front claw will be grasping on to.


  1. Lots of nice detail on that thing Matt, you've spent a significant amount of time sculpting the boils and pustules. Bravo mate.

    1. Cheers. Wondered where you had gone to...