Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ogryn Renegade Berserkers 3

Another unit finished off.

The four Ogryns are finally all done:

Ogryn No. 1 - Had to replace the bits on his back as they were all crap casts. Thought long and hard about replacing the weapon, didn't in the end but part of me still thinks I should have.

Ogryn No. 2 - This guy has been seen a bit before, cleaned up his weapon and replaced the riveted on spikes. Also replaced the cables on his back.

Ogryn No. 3 - This came already built and painted. All I did was take the weapon off (it is joined at the two wrists), clean it up and reattach and filled the gaps. Few clean ups here and there. He then got re-based to match every one else.

Ogryn No. 4 - Pretty standard, other than filling gaps, cleaning up etc.

And above you can see the whole unit. That is a lot of points. In games I may break them down to two units, either one unit of an Ogryn plus the dogs and one unit of three Ogryn, or two units of two Ogryn each with 2 or 3 dogs.

Below you can see them added to the board of Militia.

Left now to do...

E - Artillery crew (already started these actually)
F - Cyclops crew
G - Rough Riders (the big job that is left)
Plus one guy from the Command Squad (A) to finish off.

In addition to that I have the re-work I want to do on the missile launched and mortar teams.

The Red is slowly creeping.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Continuing the Clearout and New Bits Coming In...

Hobby time has been tight of late, work on the Ogryn unit has continued though so there should be an update over the weekend with the unit finished off.

More Things to Go.

In my continued aim to clear out any unwanted or unneeded items I have sorted some more things to go on ebay, these should be going up Sunday but if anyone wants something drop me an email (see 'Sales' page linked above).

Space Hulk - the 2009 version.

Models have been removed from sprues and put together, though not glued. Everything is in excellent condition and is all there.

Will see what else I can sort out to get rid of over the weekend. As before anything that goes up will be linked on a blog post.

New Stuff.

Of course for every thing that goes out something comes in.

I picked up a second hand Hell Talon off ebay, some bits are missing but that won't be an issue as my plan was always to do a Deamonically possessed Hell Talon,

I have to say it was probably the worst packing I have ever had from something bought off ebay. The parts were just put in a jiffy bag with nothing to protect the parts inside banging into each other, bar the small bits being put in another jiffy bag inside.

Unsurprising one wing broke through the bag (as it wasn't big enough), thankfully nothing was lost.

However the other wing did break into two pieces...

Again, thankfully with what I have planned it isn't an issue, it's just annoying.

Kingdom Death Monster.

I nearly went in on the Kickstarter for this last year but in the end didn't go for it, but it went up for pre-order at 30 odd percent off for a limited time recently so I thought bugger it and ordered it. The quality looks outstanding and with the type of game it is it should be good for our Meet Ups.

It looks like it will be something different, part board game, part rpg, part something else.

Hopefully that will be the last hobby related thing I buy for a while. Until the next HH book comes out from Forge World. Or the upcoming Masterclass book.

Or something.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ogryn Renegade Berserkers 2

A post actually involving models.

The dogs are now done, though as you can see in the last pictures the glue on the bases is still drying so I will look to do a bit more clean up later as well as give them a quick grey primer so check the joins etc.

So to begin...the dogs were built and I got them based (bar the sand) on bike bases. The first one I did I spent an age shaving back the bit of resin each claw was on then I pinned that to the base. The resin is so soft I am amazed I didn't break a foot off.

After that I cut holes in the base to allow me to lower the foot piece into the base so that the claw is above the surface. Under the base I used styrene to form a level the resin could be glued to. One awkward thing I had to overcome is that was glued in position the feet didn't exactly line up.

So I got to the stage where the sand needed to be added...and then decided I didn't like them on the bike bases so ripped them all off and did the same again on 40mm bases...

Next up will be seeing what clean up these need and tackling the Ogryn themselves.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

eBay Clear Out.

Things have been quiet model wise this week, barely touched a model in fact though I have glued one of the Ogryn dogs to a base and spent a frustrating couple of hours sorting through bits trying to work out how to do the Artillery crew figures.

Today though I finally got round to putting some bits on eBay - I mentioned them on here some time ago but only now been able to free up the time (I always list stuff on a Sunday and of late Sundays have been busy). I also had an issue of a lack of boxes, without those I couldn't post them so the auctions had to wait.

So if you are interested you can find the auctions here.

Up for auction now are:
Atlas Recovery Vehicle by Forge World with lots of bits added.
Trojan Support Vehicle - converted from a Chimera by me
Unbuilt Leman Russ
Built Chimera
Medusa conversion kit from Forge World.
Painted Hades Assault Drill by Forge World.

Talking of eBay I have just bought a Hell Talon, missing some bits but then I already had plans for what I was going to do with it...

Hopefully in a day or two I will be able to do a proper update involving models being built. Cross your fingers.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Forge World Open Day 2015 - Picture Heavy...

A bit later than usual for getting pictures up of an event, but I was busy last night and this morning. While pictures have been up elsewhere for 24 hours or so already hopefully people will stick like to see these.

Before the pictures just a quick bit of news of non-model items coming soon, namely the Horus Heresy Masterclass book and a collected AM army book.

Extracts for the next Modelling Masterclass book were on show in wallets, I was able to put to Stuart Willamson the question of when we were likely to see it. The contents are all done but are now with the layout department, we may see the book available for Christmas, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Andy Hoare had a copy of the next 'Red Book' on his bench, this one collecting all of the Adeptus Mechanicum forces together in one volume, along the lines of the Legion book we already have. It shouldn't be too long before that goes on pre-order - basically once the ship docks in Southampton it will go up, probably a couple of months (I can't remember if that is what he said now, I may have plucked 'two months' from somewhere else). I did ask about a black version to go alongside the other collected army list books we had as part of the Special Edition. At the moment there isn't one planned but there is a good chance it will appear in the future in another Special Edition, for example we may get one alongside a Solar / Militia / Warp Cults book. Fingers crossed it isn't too far away...I did have a quick look through and it included all the Titans and Knights along with the AM units from the Heresy army lists. Also in there was the Ordinatus which was on show (and I showed pictures of previously), it was clocking in at 1000 points.

Now onto the pictures - please note I didn't bother taking pictures of models which may not have been released yet I have already shown in their finished state (e.g. the Chaos Knight, the Khorne Walker chap etc) - there are only so many pictures I can take and sort through.

So let us begin, starting with the Marines of all colours and ilk...

Primarch Perturabo.



Hot off the 3D printer it will be a while probably before we see this beast up for order.

Thankfully managed to avoid getting Will Hayes' crotch in this picture.

Mor Deytham Strike Squad:

New Pintle Weapons.

Dark Angels (woo):


Enginseer and Friends:

And finally a Big Tau Suit: