Monday, 6 July 2015

Forge World Open Day 2015 - Picture Heavy...

A bit later than usual for getting pictures up of an event, but I was busy last night and this morning. While pictures have been up elsewhere for 24 hours or so already hopefully people will stick like to see these.

Before the pictures just a quick bit of news of non-model items coming soon, namely the Horus Heresy Masterclass book and a collected AM army book.

Extracts for the next Modelling Masterclass book were on show in wallets, I was able to put to Stuart Willamson the question of when we were likely to see it. The contents are all done but are now with the layout department, we may see the book available for Christmas, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Andy Hoare had a copy of the next 'Red Book' on his bench, this one collecting all of the Adeptus Mechanicum forces together in one volume, along the lines of the Legion book we already have. It shouldn't be too long before that goes on pre-order - basically once the ship docks in Southampton it will go up, probably a couple of months (I can't remember if that is what he said now, I may have plucked 'two months' from somewhere else). I did ask about a black version to go alongside the other collected army list books we had as part of the Special Edition. At the moment there isn't one planned but there is a good chance it will appear in the future in another Special Edition, for example we may get one alongside a Solar / Militia / Warp Cults book. Fingers crossed it isn't too far away...I did have a quick look through and it included all the Titans and Knights along with the AM units from the Heresy army lists. Also in there was the Ordinatus which was on show (and I showed pictures of previously), it was clocking in at 1000 points.

Now onto the pictures - please note I didn't bother taking pictures of models which may not have been released yet I have already shown in their finished state (e.g. the Chaos Knight, the Khorne Walker chap etc) - there are only so many pictures I can take and sort through.

So let us begin, starting with the Marines of all colours and ilk...

Primarch Perturabo.



Hot off the 3D printer it will be a while probably before we see this beast up for order.

Thankfully managed to avoid getting Will Hayes' crotch in this picture.

Mor Deytham Strike Squad:

New Pintle Weapons.

Dark Angels (woo):


Enginseer and Friends:

And finally a Big Tau Suit:


  1. Dark Angels!! Finally some pics of them. Maybe this christmas... maybe. Luther will tell.
    Thanks for the pics!

  2. You take some absolutely fantastic photos Rictus! Was hoping you'd have a post up! Thanks for taking these!

  3. No worries, happy to share the pictures.


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