Sunday 31 July 2016

Into The Archives - My Early White Dwarf Reads (Part Six)

I've done bugger all in the last two weeks.

So to fill the empty void on RD here is the next White Dwarf look back.

White Dwarf #129

On the cover we have Inquisitor Draco - taken from the novel Inquisitor by Ian Watson. A novel I still have sitting on a shelf. Well worth the read even though nowadays it doesn't quite fit the 40k universe after 26 years of development, rewrites, retcons etc.

Below we have this issues contents page. This issue is very Warhammer 40k centred, Warhammer Fantasy (in any form) is only turning up in the 'Eavy Metal pages

'Eavy Metal - Bretonnians.

And here is one of the Fantasy appearances in 'Eavy Metal. Bretonnians, now seemingly gone for good.

Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine Armour

Now this article will probably look familiar to many as many of its pictures were thrown up all over the hobby blogs & forums when rumblings of Forge World doing Horus Heresy first appeared.

In the article Rick Priestley takes us through the development of Space Marine Power Armour, from the earliest days and through Marks 1-7.

I must admit I've not re-read yet, it will be interesting to see how much might have chanced now that we have the Black Library and Forge World books delving into the history of the Legions and their armour.

The article also discusses Chapter specific armour, Artificer & individualised armour before going on to give new rules for Marines in 40k.

We also get Tactical Squad colour schemes including the colour plate and the 'Eavy Metal page on the left and right.

I really must re-read this article soon.

'Eavy Metal - Chaos Champions.

Another slice of Fantasy...the weird and wonderful champions of Chaos.

Warhammer 40,000 - Vehicle Rules.

The second part of the Vehicle Rules article begun in WD #128.

Here we have additional data sheets covering more vehicles such as the Land Speeder and the Sentinal plus a bit of background on the Land Raider.

Warhammer 40,000 - Ork Painboyz.

The Dokter is well and truly in the house, though in this case with a bone saw and squig in hand.

The article is split into two sections, the first covers everything you need to know about Painboyz, their place in Ork society and their role on the battlefield, orderlies, casualty 'recovery' and Dreadnoughts.

However this is really the introduction to the meat of the article which covers an area of the Painboyz work - namely Bionik Bitz. 11 pages (not including full page pictures) of rules of the many different Bionik Bitz your boyz could end up sporting (whether they wanted to or not).

Who wouldn't want a grapple arm like that? And not just any kicking leg but a De-Luxe Kicking Leg?

MONO-WHEEL! We so need an Ork with a mono-wheel.

This was just one of the great Ork articles dating back to this period. They all involved a lot of tables but a huge amount of character.

Back Cover 'Eavy Metal - Chaos Warbands.

Final bit of Fantasy as two Chaos Warbands face off somewhere in the Realm of Chaos.

Friday 22 July 2016

Forge World Open Day 2016 - Part 2 - Exhibitions and Similar Things

I've been ill, and busy, which means it's taken a while to get the second part of the Forge World Open Day coverage up (I've also done nothing hobby wise).

There are a lot of pictures.

1. Painting Competition:

Sunday 17 July 2016

Forge World Open Day 2016 - Part 1 - Blood Bowl, Horus Heresy Marines & AM, Lord of the Rings

Part One of the coverage...New Stuff.

Blood Bowl:

Expect end of year release, we shouldn't have to wait long till we get a confirmed release date and price. As this is being released world wide through GW stores they have to build in 4 months to ship stock to Australia.

As such blame them for the time it is taking.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - #600

Bit of a break from the usual posts tonight.

This is down to two reasons – 1. I’ve done bugger all for a week, mainly due to being knackered from work but also due to the amount of sport that has been on TV and 2. This is post #600 on Recalcitrant Daze.

Recalcitrant Daze also celebrated its fifth anniversary a few months back (didn’t notice at the time).

So here is an anniversary/can’tbeleivei’vemadeitthisfar sort of a post. However now that I have started I’m not sure where to go with it. I know, let’s ramble on for a bit and see if anything worthwhile comes out of it eh? Worth a go? Probably not but I'm going to do it anyway so you might as well either skip this or strap in for a long one.

My plan when starting Recalcitrant Daze was a bit vague, as demonstrated by the very first post I did...

“A journey without direction, a journey without end.”

As the sub title above suggests, this creature known as Recalcitrant Daze has no real plan, it goes where it desires and dabbles as it wills. There will never be a great scheme to which it adheres or a map for it to follow; it will simply jump from one thing to another on an endless search for something it doesn’t know it is looking for.

My time is mainly spent with building things. Occasionally I paint, but not often, this is a hobby so why spend time doing something I don’t enjoy? I have more projects and more ideas than is sane and no where near enough time or space for them all to come to fruition. While it is nice to truly finish a project I’m not so fussed that is bothers me if I don’t, if the journey takes me onto a new path then I am happy to walk down it.

So here I am, witnessing a new birth of Recalcitrant Daze. Less painful and bloody than giving birth to a child for certain but I may still come to resent the amount of time and money it takes up when it never shows a glimmer of gratitude or thanks.

The journey continues.
In the five years since nothing has really changed. I continue to jump from one thing to another, I still have projects in boxes waiting to be finished (including those which date from the start of RD).

I have tried on a few occasions to plan things out, the most recent being the 'what will be done in the next few months', however they died a death and proved utterly pointless.

Projects started which I need to finish:
Militia infantry build.
Militia tanks build & paint.
Militia gun turrets & gun emplacements.
RoB boards.
Zone Mortalis board + Scatter terrain.
Realm of Battle Trees & Bridges..
Deamon Prince & Decimator builds (this might actually happen soon).
Painting Deamons.
ZM Adeptus Mechanicum force.
Horus Heresy Death Guard.
Inq28 warbands.
Weirdboy Battle Tower.
War Altar of Nurgle.
Dark Future Cars.

There are more but I can't remember them. There are others I would like to start but just don't have the room available to even contemplate starting them.

I don't say all this to be negative, a lot has been just would be nice to finish some things off...

I can't see this changing. I just need to chip away at things and hopefully they come to a natural conclusion. What I certainly can't afford to do is start anything - like the Death Guard - before I get something finished. This will hopefully keep me motivated enough to get something finished.

What has proved very popular on RD over the years are the coverage I put up of the events I go to -  for example the Forge World Open Day (one week to go), the Heresy Weekender and for the first time this year Warhammer Fest. The posts get linked to from all over and the pictures get featured in various forums and blogs. As long as people link to the original source I'm fine with this. It's a lot of work doing this but I quite like putting the posts together.

The most viewed post so far - by quite a margin in fact, comes from Warhammer Fest. The post covering Blood Bowl has thus far been viewed 12,591 times (people really seem to like Blood Bowl). This is more than double the next most popular post which comes from the Warhammer World Reopening coverage back in May 2015.

If you aren't already, follow the
Blood Bowl Facebook page.
Stats on Blogger tell me that in total there have been 600 posts, 700556 page views with 2068 published comments and 343 followers. That's a lot. And a damn sight more than I ever thought it would end up.

While the temptation may have been there I have deliberately chosen not to try and cash in on the blog. I have had messages from a couple of stores asking if I wanted to join up with them to advertise for various rewards. I'm not comfortable with that and I always look on blogs who do with a little suspicion. It's a hobby after all, not a business venture and I as a principle I wouldn't endorse something I don't use myself (such as one of those online stores). I don't want to put any adverts on the blog at all, except those for other blogs or similar hobby sites. I'm far more happy to do a post on something, such as a product I have used or a service I've tried etc that I think is good. I think it is far better to do an honest review that to direct people to a business I have no experience of. I don't mean this to be a lecture as I know many do add adverts and that is fine, I hope it is because it is a service, product or store they believe in and use.

I really am rambling now. Should have planned this better. Or at all. Distinctly lacking pictures this post, I must go through and add some in.

There you go, a picture.

So moving on I hope in the following week to get back to the Daemon Prince and Decimator and get some posts up on those. I'll also try and get in another White Dwarf Archive post up. They seem to have been far more popular than I thought they would have.

Next Sunday is of course the Forge World Open Day, so expect the usual flurry of post containing many, many pictures in a weeks time.

Till then.

Saturday 2 July 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

Daemon Prince 4

Spent a fair amount of time on the Daemon Prince, most of which is filling in gaps after attached the two hands as well as on the shoulder joints.

As such the pictures below don't seem to show much progress but it's taken a while to get those gaps all smooth etc.

As you can see I have removed the wings so I could clean up the joints on the wing tips

On the right wrist and and armpit I added some pustules/boils. Had the Black Death in mind...

Next it will be adding the wings. That should then be that for the Daemon Prince.

Decimator 10

On the Decimator I took the Dremel and GS to the Torso, Shoulders and Arms.

With some blu-tac he looks like this:

I think I will add more GS to the right hand side of the torso, I won't it to really look like it has really been bulked out but the Nurgle Daemon inside. With the shoulder pad hiding so much I need to have more coming out from under it and behind the head.

I've not decided yet if I will add the Decimator exhausts on top or do something different (couple of ideas as alternatives).

Something I was considering was using the Nurgle head from the spawn kit. Size wise it matches up with the regular Decimator head well, but it's just not clicking with me at the moment.

Still a fair bit to do on this guy, but he's getting there.