Sunday 23 July 2017

Blood Bowl and AoS Skirmish

I'm not dead.

Just busy.

But I have managed to get some progress done.

Blood Bowl - Gobbos 1.

I went to the GamesExpo in Birmingham a month or so back. Really good day out and I came away having spent more money than I should have.

One of the things I picked up was a Gobbo team for Blood Bowl. The damn buggers were just too cute not to buy. Along with them was Da Black Gobbo and the Secret Weapons set.

With these I am shelving the Nurgle team I started playing around with. I haven't the time for all that converting, I'll wait to the GW Nurgle team comes out and in the meantime the Gobbos will take to the field.

I only did some very minor conversions, just tweaks so that they weren't all exactly identical.

The resin figures had some pins added and GS for gaps etc. The bases had weights added as I could see the secret weapon guys getting knocked over easily. The bases later had resin added to secure the coin couldn't get knocked out.

I've now got the bases all textured. I have added magnets to them and to some balls to make it easier. I'll also do some ball markers, so just balls on 25mm bases.

Quite happy with the texture I got on them.

I did a quick mock up for painting, not 100% so i'll be tweaking it (the picture quality makes it look worse)..

Age of Sigmar - Skirmish 1.

Something else I have managed to do is put together some Tzeentch daemons which are for a small force for Skirmish.

I picked up the collecting box set (which are all bloody good value) which gives more than enough models for a Skirmish force, indeed I've not bothered building all of the models as I'll never be able to use them all.

That's a Herald, Flamer, six Pink Horrors including a champion, standard and musician, three Blue Horrors and three Screamers. I'll prob get to use half of those for Skirmish...

I even started playing around with test schemes. I know, paint, who'd have thought?