Sunday 30 June 2013

Mekboy Junka 2

Things are going very slowly on this as I have little spare time at the moment (Real Life is a bugger at getting in the way).

However a little bit has been done so I thought i'd do an update.

As you can see there is still a hell of a lot left to do...

In other news I popped into WHW last Tuesday. Grabbed some pictures so i'll try and get the best of them posted up at some point.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Mekboy Junka 1

So I have finally started working on some models again.

This is the third vehicle for my latest commission, namely a Mekboy Junka.

This is still the very early stages of working on the Rhino parts for the main body.

The vehicle has been lengthened by 22mm and will have a Deff Rolla:

In comparison to one of the Looted Wagons.

After deciding on the length today I started plating up the base and sides as well as gluing all of the Rhino parts together.

The extra exhausts and fan cooling system is to represent the super charged engine.

As you can see underneath I still need to add an extra road wheel.

Still early days, but thought i'd update this early just to show something is actually happening again...

Sunday 16 June 2013

Recalcitrant Daze...

...and a single tumbleweed bounces from screen right to screen left.

So things have been a bit quiet in here. I have been busy, just not with models. I have things I need to work on (Daemons, Deathwing and the first priority of the Junka), however the bit of freetime I have had I have needed a break, so it's been filled with reading and films instead.

The one thing I did do was pack up a couple of my models for them to be sent to the States...

My first Looted Vehicle...

Yep, i've sold the Storm'amma and Deffstrike Rokkit Launcha.

It was hard to see them go but in the end I have no inclination at all to do an Ork army. These just sit in boxes for month after month with no finished paint job in sight.

I decided it would be better to let them go to a home where they will be finished off and see a gaming table once in a while.

The money raised will of course go to good use.

I do however have another Superheavy sitting in a box without a home to go to:

Yeah, the Looted Shadowsword which goes by the name of 'Da Choppa'.

To see more pictures click on the 'Da Choppa' label below.

I may be tempted to put my two Looted Wagons up for sale as well, along with the modified Fighta I did. I shall have to ponder this.

This will go on eBay at some point in the near future. However if you are reading this and you want to make an offer drop me an email at rictusrd @ yahoo dot co dot uk

Sunday 9 June 2013

Iain M Banks

There are many authors who have been given the label of great, but few who really deserve it. Someone who takes on a genre and truly pushes it forward, who can inspire, entertain, educate, illuminate and amuse in equal measure.

In his series of Culture novels Iain Banks did this.

When I first picked up a Culture novel I was hooked from the first paragraph and like a starving man I devoured every word since.

It was a re-birth of the Space Opera sub-genre of Science Fiction when Consider Phlebas was first published back in 1987. Many have since followed with works of great worth, but for me none have reached the heights that Iain M Banks brought us.

Safe journey GSV Sleeper Service and its latest passenger on your way to Leo II.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Of Daemons and Deathwing part 2

I thought I would show a few pictures from the gaming at the weekend.

Keep in mind some armies shown (i.e. mine) are still WIP, so excuse the unpainted figures.

First up the Daemons facing off against some Nids.

Turns out I haven't quite got the hang of flyers yet. As such in the three games the Daemons had the Blight Drones basically committed suicide almost everytime, though as each game passed they (or rather I) did better.

Stupid hover mode. Drone got taken out by the Melanthrope.
First game the Daemons got hammered.

Second was an improvement. I managed to (just) get away with the Relic.

The Relic is blu tac'd to his head.
That way he couldn't drop it.
I have to say the Plague Drones proved much better than I expected. They were tough to kill off and were able to take on Monstrous Creatures. If I ever add more to the army I am sure i'll add more of those.

For the third game we added a big bugger to each army.

So roll out the FW Great Unclean One. Who shall henceforth be known as Scabby.

Scabby was awesome.

His final tally was:
19 small critters (gaunts etc) all due to vomiting on them.
2 Zoanthropes.
1 Trygon
1 Barbed Heirodule
Plus all bar one of the Tyrants wounds (so close...)

Game ended in a draw.

Following on from the Daemons the Deathwing took to the Zone Mortalis stage first facing off against the Nids before taking on some Space Wolves.

Been a long time since I played Marines and it showed. First game didn't even go to the last turn as I decided to save myself some punishment and surrender.

I kept throwing away the Terminator squad and Belial in suicidal deepstrikes, which while amusing didn't do me much good.

I hate Ravenors

The Deathwing won the last two games against the Space Wolves. This even after once more throwing the one squad & Belial away.

Highlight of that game was getting the two contemptors into the perfect position - one to hit the Wolves Dreadnought with a Multi Melta at close range when it only had one Hull Point left and the Mortis being able to open up on a Terminator squad. All shots hit. Only for the Melta to roll 3 on the penetration roll (I needed 4 or more) and the Terminators to make five invulnerable saves which meant only two died. Stupid Space Pups. Still, in the end I wiped them out.

The last game also saw the Deathwing victorious. Didn't think it was going my way when the Deathwing Knights & Belial got stuck behind a closed door, but thankfully the Contemptor came to the rescue by taking out a couple of Space Wolves and the door with one shot from his multi melta, the Knights then took out the other Wolves and the Dreadnought.

We managed to slip in something a bit different between the games of 40k. Namely Malifaux.

I won. No idea how as I didn't know what was happening most of the time.

Should be getting some more games in of Malifaux in the future, them I am holding off getting any figures* as I have far too many things to do already.

*for the foreseeable future.

Monday 3 June 2013

'True Scale' Terrain 3

Another weekend away, another castle...

Craigmillar Castle.