Friday 30 November 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Bit o' this, bit o' that.

Been ill most of this week which came to a head over the last couple of days. As such it will be tomorrow at the earliest before I have an update of substance. I thought I'd throw a mini 'monthly post' tonight, just to keep my eye in.

So tonight's post covers a number of subjects/projects. It is like a TV Magazine show, basically it looks like there is a lot there but when you think about it at the end of the show they filled the 30 minutes with absolutely nothing worth watching.

Anyway, onto the post 'substance'.

1. Nurgle.

The only thing I have managed to do over the last couple of days is add some of the branches to the tree. This involved plenty of glue, crossing fingers then a lot of GS.

Still need to add some more branches and then clean up/finish off GS.

2. Nurgle Part 2

I had a slight accident. And by accident I mean I put a bid in on an ebay auction thinking I would never win with the bid I entered. However I did win. An accident anyone can happen to them.

To cut a short story even shorter, meet Bob:

I shall love him and cherish him and squeeze him and spread highly contagious disease's with him...
So yeah, accidents do happen. In one fell swoop I doubled the points value of the Nurgle force. He has a wonky horn (don't we all?) but otherwise is in great shape. Will strip him, rebuild and base before giving him a new paintjob. Already got ideas for the base...but Drone comes first.

3. Kopta Karrier.

The next job to do on this is the Deff Arsenal. I have some bits for the weapons, namely these:

So we have the big gun from the Necron Barge thing, nicely ties in with the sponson guns. Either side of that we have the two parts of the main gun from the FW Kill Blasta. These will be combined with some other bits in a single turret. However not sure how to do the turret yet, namely the shape to go for. I am mulling over it and hope to start building tomorrow.

4. Movember over at Dave Taylor.

Dave Taylor has joined in with the Movember campaign. Today is the last day, so why not pop over to his blog Here, as if you don't have the link saved already and make a quick donation. You never know the couple of quid you donate today may save your balls tomorrow...

5. ebay clear out.

As mentioned previously I am trying to clear out all of the stuff that is sitting in boxes doing nout but taunt me with their dire state of incompleteness.

Currently on ebay are a load of Ork pieces including unbuilt trukks, Black Reach Boyz/Nobz and Koptas, Stormboyz and Burna Boyz. If you are interested in a bargain have a look here.

Those auctions end Sunday.

More will be going up on ebay this sunday, these include...
a. My Decimator Super Heavy Tank - A Shadowsword conversion before GW did the plastic SS kit.
b. My converted Salamander, I modified it so it can be used as either the Scout of Command version, and also gave the crew a little ladder to get in and out:


c. My Destroyer Tank Hunter I converted from a Russ many years ago...

d. And this is quite painful, an unbuilt Marauder Destroyer. So lovely, and so not ever going to be built by me.

So pretty, Just so pretty...
e. An unbuilt GW plastic Ork Bommer still on sprue.

Think that is is. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of the above. They will be on ebay help pay for the next batch of things to sit in boxes.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Blight Drone 2

Not a huge amount done to be honest...

On the Drone itself I did another cable which I missed originally and then gave everything a coat of grey primer.

After that I added a bit of GS, only a small enough. The GS will help unify this Blight Drone and any Nurgle-esque vehicles I do in the future. It will also bring in some individualism if I end up with more than one Drone (a distinct possibility).

The rest of my time has been spent looking at the base for this thing.

I decided to use a tree, the Drone will be attached to some brass rod running through the tree. This will give me some height to the drone (it is a flyer now afterall) yet have something near it so I can have gunk coming out of the rear end.

Alas the tree I had I cut up some time ago with the plan of using it in a bit of scenary.

As such I have spent a fair bit of time putting the tree back together and getting some 2mm brass rod to run through it and then hook under the MDF base (it sits in a recess so everything is flush).

The above involves a shed load of GS inside the tree to firmly hold the brass rod in position and then to fill in the large gaps in the tree itself.

So the Drone will look something like this...

Will finish the base before i do anything else to the Drone. Need to add the other branches, clean up/finish GS work, build up over MDF and add texture. So not a five minute job.

On a related note I had an article go up on Bell of Lost Souls last night, it is a re-worked and expanded version of the Nurgle painting tutorial I did not long ago. It can be found here.

I think tomorrow will be a Quest day, then back onto the Karrier.

Sunday 25 November 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 21

Right the under deck area is now done, bar any fiddly bits I come back to later anyway.

On the hull I finished the riviting on the sponsons and added a little plating above the Aquilla plates to fill in the gap above each one.

At the front I finished the riviting under the deck:

And the big addition is the sides of the under deck structure - the areas which sit above the sponsons and either side of them.

Which when put in place and flipped over (so I can take pictures) they look like this:

It has been a while since I put everything together to get pictures and I thought this would be the perfect time to remedy that, so...

And a scale shot with a Kopta and a Russ...

And to close the update to the comp:

No update on the Karrier for a few days as I do some work on the Blight Drone and prob some Quest stuff.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 20

Rear is done I think.

First off the two exhausts have had a couple of supports welded in place.

The third exhaust got added, decided on a boxey design to contrast with the first two.

As with the first two the lower section of the exhaust is glued to the hull. The top piece then slots in place.

I've carried on detailing the under deck areas and sides of the under deck superstructure.

And in place, pictures are a bit naff though...

I am going to finish off everything under the deck before moving onto the deck itself.

Quite a lot of rivets added...

Passed 3000, christ sake...

Friday 16 November 2012

Warhammer Quest - Part One...

...descending into the Dungeon (like Max Mosley, but without the uniforms).

As mentioned in my monthly roundup post I will be knocking out some Warhammer figures to use in Warhammer Quest.

A quick search provided the first models i'll be doing.

Five Ogres, had to order some replacement arms.

Seven Ghouls, again had to order some replacement arms.

The first ones i'll be painting though will be these skeletons. Have to say the old GW skellies are horrible. Naff poses, naff weapons and stupidly large skulls.

I have also improved the weapons a bit, by improved I mean roughed up. They looked far too neat and brand new for warriors who had dragged themselves from under the ground. I can't see the undead spending much time taking care of their hand weapons.

Part of our plan for the Quest stuff is to have bases matching throughout.

For this Maelstrom (from The Rising Sign) sculpted some 20 & 25mm bases, I did a mould for these and tonight I cast the first few sets.

The masters.
One of the skellies in place. He's got a headache he just can't shake.

And here are some of the casts.

I sanded the base of a few and gave them a coat of primer

I gave one of the bases a very (very) quick paint job to get an idea of how they will look finished.

I'm quite happy how it turned out. I added a few small pieces of greenery for moss growing between the stones.

When I actually do the bases for the models I will try and match the colours of the bases to the Quest tiles. So each 'unit' will have tiles linked to one of the Quest tiles. Of course that will probably mean that unit will never end up turning up in that tile.

Will try and get the skeletons done next week, working on them round the Karrier and Drone.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 19

Well didn't quite manage to finish the arse end.

Still need to add another (or two smaller) exhausts on the left of these two.

The top area got plated up and riveted.

Lower exhausts pieces added.

Upper exhausts in place - they just slot on
so remain removeable.
The lower pieces will get some bracing back to the hull. Obviously not on the top pieces as they are being left removeable.

How they looks peeking over the deck.

So still need a bit more work, but the rear is not far off.

This is the last update for a few days - well till Monday at the earliest.