Friday, 16 November 2012

Warhammer Quest - Part One...

...descending into the Dungeon (like Max Mosley, but without the uniforms).

As mentioned in my monthly roundup post I will be knocking out some Warhammer figures to use in Warhammer Quest.

A quick search provided the first models i'll be doing.

Five Ogres, had to order some replacement arms.

Seven Ghouls, again had to order some replacement arms.

The first ones i'll be painting though will be these skeletons. Have to say the old GW skellies are horrible. Naff poses, naff weapons and stupidly large skulls.

I have also improved the weapons a bit, by improved I mean roughed up. They looked far too neat and brand new for warriors who had dragged themselves from under the ground. I can't see the undead spending much time taking care of their hand weapons.

Part of our plan for the Quest stuff is to have bases matching throughout.

For this Maelstrom (from The Rising Sign) sculpted some 20 & 25mm bases, I did a mould for these and tonight I cast the first few sets.

The masters.
One of the skellies in place. He's got a headache he just can't shake.

And here are some of the casts.

I sanded the base of a few and gave them a coat of primer

I gave one of the bases a very (very) quick paint job to get an idea of how they will look finished.

I'm quite happy how it turned out. I added a few small pieces of greenery for moss growing between the stones.

When I actually do the bases for the models I will try and match the colours of the bases to the Quest tiles. So each 'unit' will have tiles linked to one of the Quest tiles. Of course that will probably mean that unit will never end up turning up in that tile.

Will try and get the skeletons done next week, working on them round the Karrier and Drone.


  1. Great start, makes me feel guilty for neglecting the WH:Q I picked up in the summer, but haven't yet got fully fixed up etc.

    1. NO excuse surely? Xmas is coming, give yourself a present and fix the set up...

  2. I've got a box of new skellies you can have, and about 2kg of ogre stuff you can root through this weekend!