Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 15

Well it has certainly been a while.

I needed a break from the Karrier, it always happens when I work on something so large such as the Storm'amma, Choppa and Deffstrike - not to mention the Weirdboy Tower which I will have to get back to one day...

So anyway I am now back on the Kopta Karrier. I was hoping to start on it again a few days ago, basically after I got back from my weekend away at WHW but I have actually been ill since and done bugger all model wise (bar glue the three Plague Toads together).

But now I actually have an update. Not a huge one I admit as the combination of glues and the cough was giving me a headache...

The Big Shoota sponsons are now done. I admit one reason why I needed a break was hitting a break wall with these. Procrastination can be a bitch and I just wasn't sure what the best way of doing them was. Now however they have been put to bed.

I took the BB sponson piece and built an open box into the opening. In this I fixed a small washer. The Big Shootas were mounted on 2mm thick plates with a magnet attached. Using a washer & magnet rather than two magnets avoided any issues of polarity.

In position the guns still turn. Magnetising them means I can glue the top plates in position, allowing me to next work on the whole sponson area including the Zzap Cannon, yet still remove the weapons keeping them out of the way. Magnetising also allows weapon swaps down the road.

The next job was one I have put off for a while, simply due to it not being urgent and I had other things to concentrate on.

The twin Boomgun turret was a bit plain as I built the basic pieces but not detailed anything. But the main issue to resolve was that one boomgun was on the piss. When I extended the length of one of them the styrene tube stuck at a slight angle, meaning one gun pointed off in a different direction.

So I cut the battlecannon bit off, turned the styrene tube around and glued it onto the rear of a new battlecannon. Before that though I added more tubing to the barrels so that the two battlecannon were attached to each other. This ensured everything this time was straight and the two guns pointed in the same direction.

I'm afraid that is as far as I got before the headache became too much to work. Probably wait a couple of days before the next Karrier update though I will be working on it tomorrow.

So another 105 rivets were added, meaning that the updated number of rivets is...

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