Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Blight Drone 2

Not a huge amount done to be honest...

On the Drone itself I did another cable which I missed originally and then gave everything a coat of grey primer.

After that I added a bit of GS, only a small enough. The GS will help unify this Blight Drone and any Nurgle-esque vehicles I do in the future. It will also bring in some individualism if I end up with more than one Drone (a distinct possibility).

The rest of my time has been spent looking at the base for this thing.

I decided to use a tree, the Drone will be attached to some brass rod running through the tree. This will give me some height to the drone (it is a flyer now afterall) yet have something near it so I can have gunk coming out of the rear end.

Alas the tree I had I cut up some time ago with the plan of using it in a bit of scenary.

As such I have spent a fair bit of time putting the tree back together and getting some 2mm brass rod to run through it and then hook under the MDF base (it sits in a recess so everything is flush).

The above involves a shed load of GS inside the tree to firmly hold the brass rod in position and then to fill in the large gaps in the tree itself.

So the Drone will look something like this...

Will finish the base before i do anything else to the Drone. Need to add the other branches, clean up/finish GS work, build up over MDF and add texture. So not a five minute job.

On a related note I had an article go up on Bell of Lost Souls last night, it is a re-worked and expanded version of the Nurgle painting tutorial I did not long ago. It can be found here.

I think tomorrow will be a Quest day, then back onto the Karrier.


  1. Looking good dude, I'm interested to see how the gunk/slime turns out. you got any other plans for the base? some nurglings perhaps?

    How strong are the engine son the drone? they allway slook like they would snap really easily to me :(

    1. I've got brass rod attaching the prop housings to the body so hopefully I won't have any accidents with them.

      No Nurglings for the base. Just rocks, branches etc.