Thursday, 8 November 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - 19 Months. Will it never end?

I’m never certain how to start these monthly posts. Indeed the uncertainty of the opening paragraph is one reason why I am tempted to stop doing them. Alas, like a particularly bad cowboy builder I have walled myself in. Let’s all just take a deep breath and get it over with shall we?

Deep inside these burning buildings / Voices die to be heard
Years we spent teaching a lesson / We ourselves had never learned
'Drones' - Rise Against.

So what has this month’s fare been on Recalcitrant Daze?

Well I painted an army, a small one I admit but for me it is something akin to an alien race popping down from the heavens and asking to borrow a cup of sugar*. I am rather pleased how the Nurgle Daemon force turned out, and staggered by the fact I actually did it. I have some reinforcements sitting on the desk and I’ll be delving into the cesspool of Nurgle very soon.
Another highlight of the month was the trip to Warhammer World where I got to use the aforementioned Daemons as well as my BFG fleet for the first time. We intend to make these trips every six months or so. This should mean more painting from me as I intend to keep up the morale victory of arriving for each one with everything painted (unlike some people who shamed themselves by turning up with models not even completely built…bad Dan, bad).
The result of these irregular get-togethers will see a wider range of things popping up on RD, for example Fantasy figures to be used in Warhammer Quest, gangs for Necromunda etc. I’m also waiting for a copy of Sedition Wars to arrive…
The Karrier is finally back under way. Hurrah. This will return to being the main focus in the coming weeks, but with plenty of other things added into the mix such as Papa Nurgle and ‘other stuff’.
Something else that occurred this month is that I had a damn good sort out. Already on ebay are four Leman Russ and an unbuilt Manticore. They can be found here. Ready to go on there are some Ork trukks, koptas and Ork infantry which I’ll post links to when they go up. Basically I got fed up of boxes full of stuff I will never get round to doing something with. Any money raised will go towards materials or things that have a chance of seeing the light of day, or go on hookers, I haven’t decided yet.
This coming weekend I shall be popping along to the IPMS model show which Forge World attends. As per last year I shall post up pictures of anything particularly interesting I spot. I do not intend on buying any resin except the show only figures, though that may change if they have something new and tempting on offer.
I shall now return to listening to Rise Against while doing some work.
Naturally I use the word ‘work’ in the loosest possible sense.

* Surely no one actually returns the sugar borrowed? You may give back an amount of sugar at a later date, but it isn’t the same sugar. So can it really be described as ‘borrowing’? It seems more a donation, one with the unwritten rule that at some point in the future it will be repaid with a donation of equal or greater quantity.

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