Sunday, 11 November 2012

IPMS Model Show 2012 - Pictures Part 1

Yesterday I went to the IPMS model show in Telford and had quite a good time and took far too many pictures to put up on here.

While the focus of the show is not wargaming (Forge Workd being the only company you could describe as a wargaming one there) but rather scale models and while this isn't something I really dabble in (i.e. I don't build scale models) I do find the models on show quite useful for ideas and seeing what can be done detail wise on vehicles such as stowage, damage, weathering etc.

The terrain and dioramas are also very good for inspiration.

Also there are many retailers so I was able to pick up some materials and tools.

So here is part one of pictures I took at the show. These are just a random sample - not necessarily the best there just a smattering of pictures which turned out well. Also tried to show the range of models you can see - including some GW ones.

One of the real vehicles at the show


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