Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 20

Rear is done I think.

First off the two exhausts have had a couple of supports welded in place.

The third exhaust got added, decided on a boxey design to contrast with the first two.

As with the first two the lower section of the exhaust is glued to the hull. The top piece then slots in place.

I've carried on detailing the under deck areas and sides of the under deck superstructure.

And in place, pictures are a bit naff though...

I am going to finish off everything under the deck before moving onto the deck itself.

Quite a lot of rivets added...

Passed 3000, christ sake...


  1. almost half way there with the rivets. just a few thousand to go until 7k. i believe in you.

    1. I'm hoping I don't need that many. Not much hope though.

  2. It's looking good mate.

    Too bad you can't just use a pro-boolean operation on 'em, eh?

    1. The pain is part of the fun.

      I think.